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Kids Compete for $1400 in Back-to-School Poetry Contest

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Reginalde Kids Inc. today announced a back-to-school, online poetry contest open to children between 6 and 12 years of age. Four winners in two age categories will receive gift certificates to Reginalde.com and Amazon.com totaling $1400. Selected poems will be published on the Reginalde.com website http://www.reginalde.com which features children's bathrobes created with kids in mind. Contest details are available at <http://www.reginalde.com/contestrules.htm>.

"Kids are quite imaginative, but they get few chances to showcase their creativity," says Reginalde Messac, who founded Reginalde Kids Inc. in 1997. "With school starting back so soon, we wanted to help teachers and parents encourage their kids' creativity by offering significant rewards."

First and second place prizes will be awarded in two age categories: 6-8 years and 9-12 years. First place winner in the 6-8 age category will receive two gift certificates of $200 each for Reginalde.com and Amazon.com. The second place winner in the same category will receive two similar gift certificates of $100 each. First prize in the 9-12 age category consists of two gift certificates to Reginalde.com and Amazon.com for $250 each. Second place winner in the 9-12 age category will receive similar gift certificates worth $150 each. Winning essays and other selected poems will be posted to the Reginalde.com website, located at <http://www.reginalde.com>.

Poems can be any length or style. They should focus on bath time, swimming, or other water activities.

Contest entries can be submitted via the Reginalde Kids website at <http://www.reginalde.com/contestentry.htm>, by email at <mailto:contest@reginalde.com>, via fax at (781) 899-9963 or by postal mail at Reginalde Kids Inc. - P.O.Box 79039 - Waverly, MA 02479-0039. Entries must include the child's name and age, a parent or guardian's name, phone number, email address (if applicable), postal address and robe size. The contest begins September 6th, 2001 and ends October 31st, 2001. Winners will be announced November 22, 2001. Contest rules are posted at <http://www.reginalde.com/contestrules.htm>.

About Reginalde Kids Inc. Reginalde Kids Inc., located on the web at <http://www.reginalde.com>, offers children's robes that are created with kids in mind. Made in the US, they are colorful, 100% cotton and available in many sizes. The site was launched in 1997 to bring fashionable bathrobes to kids of all ages.

For more information about Reginalde Kids Inc., visit http://www.reginalde.com or contact Reginalde Messac at mailto:reginalde@reginalde.com or (781) 899-9906

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