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BASF presents novelty for the leather industry: Eusapon® OD

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Universal surfactant for leather and fur

Environmentally friendly

High performing

During a press conference in Ludwigshafen, BASF Performance Chemicals for Leather presented Eusapon® OD, a groundbreaking innovation that marks a new milestone for the leather and fur industry. The product sets a new standard in providing a unique bundle of outstanding properties that lead to added value for tanners and benefits for the environment.

Eusapon® OD is a universal and high-performance degreasing agent for leather and woolskins. It can be applied at all stages of production for soaking, liming, deliming and degreasing.

Added value for tanners:

Best degreasing effect

Good soaking effect

Extremely small quantities required

Low foaming

Easily diluted

High emulsion stability at any pH

Delivers even and bright dyeing performance

Enhances waterproofing

Benefits for the environment:

Readily biodegradable

Very environmentally friendly due to low dosage

Fulfills all relevant environmental EU directives

In the beginning of the conference Dr Wolfgang Büchele, President of the Operating Division Performance Chemicals, pointed out: "We do our utmost to offer customers better and more intelligent solutions to their problems than competitors do at an acceptable price. We are working alongside them as partners to improve economic efficiency, and making the products of our customers' customers even better and more innovative". In Büchele's opinion, BASF's know-how network (Verbund) makes it an ideal partner for innovative applications and problem solutions.

Dr Michael Hepp, Head of the global business unit Performance Chemicals for Leather, stressed the various efforts of BASF to stand firm and prosper in the leather industry, despite difficult market conditions. Hepp: “Whatever changes we and our customers are faced with in the market, we will continue to focus on reliability and close partnership with our customers. Our active measures and our innovative power justify a positive view of the future, a view confirmed by the introduction of our latest development: Eusapon® OD.”

Dr Tilman Taeger, Head of Basic Innovation and Technologies for Leather, presented an update of the latest developments in the EU legislation. Dr Gunther Pabst, Basic Innovation and Technologies for Leather, and Philippe Lamalle, Head of Product Management Beamhouse, delivered an in-depth talk on the development and properties of Eusapon® OD.

BASF is the world’s leading chemical company, offering its customers a range of high-performance products, including chemicals, plastics, performance products, agricultural products, fine chemicals as well as crude oil and natural gas. In 2002, BASF had sales of about € 32 billion (circa $ 34 billion) and over 89,000 employees worldwide.

The product range of Performance Chemicals for the Leather and Fur Industry comprises products for the entire wet shop and finishing. BASF’s customers derive economic advantage through innovative applications and problem-solving expertise. With its leading edge competence, BASF provides its customers with a competitive advantage in serving their markets and offers them a global network of technical service centres and extensive on-site support. BASF is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of leather chemicals, with production sites in Europe and Asia as well as North and South America. Internet address: www.basf.com/leather

®= registered trademark of BASF Aktiengesellschaft

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