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Gerber Scientific, Inc.’s Gerber Technology business unit continues to expand on its success in China, maintaining its leading position in the local market for apparel and flexible materials manufacturing technology.

The company recently received approval from the local government to change its name and company scope from Shanghai Gerber Technology Service, Inc. to Gerber Scientific (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. This has enabled Gerber to expand its organization from a service and sales support company to include research and development, engineering and purchasing to better meet its customers’ needs in this region. Gerber Technology currently serves over 1,300 customers operating nearly 5,000 systems and workstations in Greater China, totaling over $100 million in system installations, the most of any CAD/CAM supplier.

To accommodate this expansion, Gerber has also opened a new Engineering Technology Center in Shanghai to supplement its existing Advanced Technology Center established four years ago. This new facility will house the enlarged organizational structure in China. Both technology centers are located in the Xuhui District of Shanghai. In addition, Gerber, which has been actively providing and supporting CAD/CAM for China’s apparel and automotive industries for the past 20 years, announced the opening of a new sales and service office in Dongguan, located near Hong Kong. This new office further broadens the company’s already extensive infrastructure to a total of 16 such offices in China.

“The opening of our new office in Dongguan, as well as our Engineering Technology Center, is a compelling example of Gerber’s commitment to the Chinese market,” stated Marc Giles, president and chief executive officer of Gerber Scientific, Inc. “It confirms our dedication to our key strategic objective of establishing and maintaining leadership in high growth markets. China is one of these markets, and it is our objective to continue providing the local industry with the most cost-effective, high technology solutions available.” Steven Tang, Far East regional vice president for Gerber Technology, added, “We are no longer just providing sales and service to our customers in China. We are now developing products specifically for them. The scope of our new operations includes product development, software testing, engineering and strategic purchasing.” Over ten full-time employees have already been added to Gerber’s local structure to fulfill the requirements in these new functional areas, and more are being added each month.

At CISMA 2003, China’s largest apparel technology show to be held in Shanghai October 21-24, Gerber Technology will showcase a variety of new products designed to help customers “compete in a changing world”—the company’s chosen theme for the show. The GERBERsuite™ product portfolio integrates the company’s four major solution areas: design and development; product lifecycle management; grading and marking software; and production solutions (automated material spreading and cutting). In addition, Eton Systems of Sweden (www.eton.se), the inventor and premier supplier of Unit Production Systems in the world, will be joining Gerber to demonstrate its leading edge solutions in this area. Through an alliance with Gerber Technology, Eton’s systems are offered as an integral element of GERBERsuite.

“CISMA presents a tremendous opportunity to exhibit our products specifically designed for China’s growing technology needs, “commented James Arthurs, president of Gerber Technology. “In a market where apparel production is expected to reach over $150 billion by 2010, Gerber Technology has the solutions and coverage to satisfy its demands. For two decades we’ve demonstrated our commitment to apparel manufacturers in China by building the largest network of sales and service personnel in the cities where our customers are located. We look forward to another extremely successful show this year.”

The official opening of the new Gerber Engineering Technology Center will be held October 20, the day before the start of CISMA. Messrs. Giles, Arthurs and Tang will attend the event.

Additional information on Gerber Scientific, Inc. is available on the company’s website at http://www.gerberscientific.com. The website address of Gerber Technology is http://www.gerbertechnology.com.

GERBERsuite is a trademark of Gerber Technology. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


About Gerber Scientific, Inc. Gerber Scientific is the world's leading supplier of sophisticated automated manufacturing systems for sign making and specialty graphics, apparel and flexible materials, and ophthalmic lens processing. Headquartered in South Windsor, Connecticut, the company operates through four businesses: Gerber Scientific Products, Spandex Ltd., Gerber Technology, and Gerber Coburn.

About Gerber Technology

Gerber Technology (www.gerbertechnology.com), a business unit of Gerber Scientific, Inc., is the world leader in providing integrated computer hardware and software systems to the sewn-goods and flexible goods industries. These systems significantly improve the efficiency of information management, product and pattern design, grading and marker making/nesting and material spreading, handling and cutting processes. The company offers automation solutions to a variety of industries including apparel, transportation, furniture, composites and industrial fabrics. Gerber Technology’s world headquarters is located in Tolland, Connecticut, U.S.A. with regional offices, agents and distributors serving more than 14,000 customers in 117 countries globally.

Established in 1968, Gerber Technology is one of four businesses of Gerber Scientific, Inc. (www.gerberscientific.com) of South Windsor, Connecticut, listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the “GRB” symbol.

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