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LABELFREE heat transfer labels

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Marquillas Fast s.a ( M.F ) announced today that it is launching its LABELLFREE line of comfort labeling to the apparel industry. The line includes specially engineered heat transfer, woven, and printed labels,hang tag as well as labeling supplies. Mr Wadir Medina , president - Marquillas FAST s.a ( M.F ) said "LABELFRE provides our customers with alternatives to merchandise their garments in applications requiring the highest level of comfort.

Marquillas FAST s.a ( M.F ) has available a complete set of solutions to provide our customers with many comfort options, including our new product offering, LABELFREE heat transfer labels, wich offers brand and variable information without a sewn-in label." "Heat tranfer tecnology utilizes an ultra-thin layer of specially formulated adhesive behind only the lettering. the result is a sharp, durable image that is 100% comfortable with no sewing required. Heat transfer labeling is ideal for apparel ranging from T-shirts to intimate apparel to sportswear," added Mr Medina. Marquillas FAST s.a ( M.F ) acquired this important technology platform through the research and development during 2 years of investigation with the help and consulting of chemichal Enginneers around the world. Located in Envigado City,Colombia, South America this company is a recognized leader in heat transfer technology. Marquillas FAST s.a ( M.F ) has recently installed this transfer printing capability in its Envigado City, South America plant. In addition to heat transfer labels, Marquillas FAST s.a ( M.F ) LABELFREE line of soft apparel labeling solutions includes woven and printed label.Specially enginnered for softness and comfort, Marquillas FAST s.a ( M.F ) uses its SOFT-TOUCH technology that, when combined with state-of-the -art weaving and finishing precess, creates very soft, comfortable, high quality labels. Marquillas FAST s.a ( M.F ) is a global leader in providing innovative merchandising products to retailers and apparel manufactures. Marquillas FAST s.a ( M.f ) concept to checkout capabilities, leaderrship in products and technology, global manufacturing operations, worldwide distribution network and brand recognition the company to expand its competitive advantage and market position.


This week, Marquillas FAST s.a (M.F)..Released (LABELFREE), a heat-transfer label system that works similary to hanes´technology. The process to produce (labelfree) can be morecomplex and expensive than creation of traditional woven labels. " If you´re using just a plain black-and-white label, the price is pretty comparable to a wovel label, which costs about 4 or 5 cents a piece."

but for 6 to 8 cents a piece, you can use color and even get into four -color-process images. "while cotton T-shirts and underwear have been the priamry targets for heat-transfer labels (LABELFREE), technology has also tested strongly with microfibers and stretch fabrics. These preliminary tests open the possibilite of appliying heat-transfer tags to more garment categories, said Mr Medina. "It´s a versatile label because it has the capacity to stretch with the fabric it is applied onto,"If the garment is being worn and stretched, the label will move easily with the fabric with no distortion of the fabric, which is ideal for innerwear, as well as T-shirts and other apparel types." Wholesalers have found the absence of tags to be a good selling point.

The days of T-shirt tag could be numbered. T-shirt, innerwear and sportswear makers are gradually adopting new technology that applies tagless (LABELFREE ) labels using a heat-transfer process. Companies say the tagless (LABELFRRE) technology produces products that are durable and more comfortable than those bearing woven labels. Sportswear marketers, including Russell Athletic, have been experimenting with the process for several years,but the concept gained more ground this year after leading T-shirt and innerwear producer Hanes announced it was doing away with woven labels for all of its T-shirt products. with its Super Bowl "Go Tagless" television advertisement, featuring NBA legend Michael Jordan, Hanes sent a message to the industry that tagless (LABELFREE) technology is the future. for Hanes, comfort is the main objective. Hanes´ research showed traditional woven tags bother two-thirds of consumers. Additionally, half of those consumers cut tags out after buying products, said Hanes spokesperson Laura Burrows. a number of technology providers, looking to cash in on the trend, are responding to Hanes´ move by creating new tagless system. HEAT SEEKERS: T-shirt producer Hanes is one of the first major apparel companies to do away with traditional woven garment tags. The company is now using a heat transfer process to apply its sizing and washing instructions.

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