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TUKATECH - JUSTWIN end merger talks

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The Board of Directors of Justwin Technologies Inc. and TUKATECH, INC today suspended their merger/global alliance talks. Ram Sareen, CEO and Founder of TUKATECH stated, “ there is not much to say, it is a mutual decision and it is strictly a financial decision. Justwin has a fantastic line of products and they will continue to provide their products and services, it just won’t be a TUKA product.” Without giving too many details, Mr. Sareen added,” we will announce our plans for the substitute products very soon.” Speaking on behalf of Justwin, Chairman Ron Finkel noted that both companies had worked closely over the past year collaborating on the installation of Justwin Products at a number of customer sites. “Unfortunately we were not able to reach agreement on the financial terms of our proposed merger and we agree that it is in the mutual interests of all parties to pursue their separate corporate strategies.”

About Justwin Technologies

Justwin Technologies is a leading developer of Collaborative Product Commerce (CPC) solutions that enable effective management and tracking of the product development, sourcing, and supply chain processes, for the fashion and other fast-paced consumer goods industries.

For more information on Justwin and its suite of products, call 877.399.9911 or visit us at www.JUSTWIN.com .

About TUKATECH, TUKAweb, TUKAcenters

The TUKAgroup is a manufacturer and distributor of CAD/CAM and CIM systems & solutions for Apparel, Automotive, and Furniture industries. TUKATECH is the fastest growing supplier of CAD/CAM/CIM systems and solutions . TUKATECH employs 175 manufacturing experts, has installed over 3,000 systems in five years, and offers 24/7/365 support from offices in six countries. 1-877-TUKATEC www.TUKATECH.com

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