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For years, “lights, camera, action” has lead to many embarrassing moments for talent in the public spotlight. A protruding nipple at an unwanted, spontaneous moment can lead even the most secure star in Hollywood to grapple with a bout of insecurity.

Entertainment superstars including Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie have found that Nippits nipple concealment strips can easily transform even the most revealing or provocative fashion statement into sheer perfection. Costume designers from the major networks and cable channels have also found Nippits to be the unique solution for concealing and comforting on-air talent.

Nippits are lightweight, latex-free, nipple concealment strips that can be used on large and small-breasted women and are equally effective for both sexes. Created and designed by Dr. Kraig Johnson` MD, and Sheila Johnson, Nippits are a patented, medically approved alternative that provides a natural appearance to an age-old fashion problem.

“We have developed the perfect solution for the times when you do not want your nipples to show,” states Sheila Johnson. “Nippits conceal nipples under gowns, tops, sheer bras, swimsuits and eliminate embarrassing moments due to nipple visibility. Unlike old taping methods, Nippits can be worn all day, do not add bulk and are painless to remove.”

During the filming of the hit movie “The Matrix Revolutions,” costume designers found that wearing tight or sheer outfits does not have to translate to protruding nipples. They found the perfect solution to conceal and comfort 950 extras dressed in sheer costumes by ordering 2,000 pairs of Nippits. For “The Matrix Reloaded,” the costume department bought 3,000 Nippits. In fact, costume departments on the sets of “The Young & The Restless,” “Passions,” and “7th Heaven” find Nippits a must for their stars and entire cast.

Designed to last all day long, Nippits are non-irritating and made of a breathable material. “The Nippits design fills an important niche’ in the area of fashion, complimenting all women’s wardrobes,” explain co-creators S. Kraig Johnson, M.D and Sheila Johnson.

Nippits™ are available in a pack of five pairs and retail for $6.49. To purchase, visit www.nippits.com or call 1-877-NIPPITS (647-7487). For press information, electronic images and product samples, contact: Maximum Exposure PR at 201-573-0300 or andrea@maximumexposurepr.com.

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