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TUKAweb offers Sample Making Service

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Revolution is a continuing event with TUKAweb.com. After much demand from its members, TUKAweb.com is now offering a sample making service to truly complete the process of PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT through outsourcing. With increasing demand for samples and the escalating cost of development, many of our WEB customers suggested that we add the final step of sample making as part of our Internet based services.

The sample making services are being initiated in the India and Sri Lanka TUKAcenters, and will continue to expand in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other sourcing countries as the demand grows. Of course this service is being offered internationally, regardless of whether you are in Asia, Europe or North America. There are over 125 experienced sample makers in India and Sri Lanka dedicated to sample making, offering a 24 – 48 hour turn-around time, plus shipping time at a fraction of the “in-house” cost.

First, Production and Showroom samples can be developed either by using Customer’s patterns that are generated through any CAD system or using Patterns developed by TUKAWEB. Samples of all fashion products excluding brassiere, swimwear and men’s suits are made either from fabrics available in India and Sri Lanka or from sample yardage sent with the sample request.

Requesting a sample is as simple as requesting any of the other TUKAweb.com services. Members will login and upload all the necessary files, such as a sketch, spec- pack and fabric details. Once the sample is ready to ship, members will be notified via email and requested to pay with a credit card through TUKAweb.com prior to shipping. Sample making fees will range from $30 - $100.

TUKAweb.com is the only OUTSOURCED Internet service provider with CAD – CAM technology for the smallest to the biggest companies in the Sewn Goods Industry whether they use any technology or not. Over 500 companies from 45 countries are using services offered via www.TUKAWEB.com for pattern making, grading, marker making, data conversion and plotting. Many major retailers and manufacturers using production facilities around the world host and send data through TUKAweb and TUKAcenters.

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