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Eclipse Systems, India’s leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) developers, celebrates its 12 years of success in international market. On the occasion the company has decided to officially launch its WMS known as DCMS- Distribution Centre Management System (DCMS) in the Indian market. Founded in 1990, Eclipse’s major clientele includes world’s leading apparel-manufacturing companies Maidenform Inc. (USA) and Guess Canada Retail Inc. “By delivering to the distribution-centric market with its latest cutting edge technology and functionality, Eclipse is poised to gain significant market share,” stated Dr. Sharad Singhal, CEO, Eclipse Systems Pvt. Ltd. The company is proud to be among first Indian companies who developed WMS at the time when the concept was not prevalent in Indian market. The system was first developed for the world's leading apparel manufacturing co. who are quite satisfied and have been giving repetitive orders to Eclipse for past 12 years. The company has grown with the industry and today it supports latest functionality, barcode scanning and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies to automate the warehouse operations.

DCMS offers accuracy, flexibility and power that warehouse management demands by giving the customers total control of the warehouse from receiving, cross-docking, putaway, pulling, picking, replenishment, bulk order, cycle count, validation, shipping, customer returns, etc. Besides, it track labor productivity, generates comprehensive set of web based reports, customer specific labels, tickets, custom documents, etc. DCMS has been proved as a very valuable tool for our customers in lowering operating costs, reducing inventory levels and improving employee productivity.

According to Dr. Singhal, with the emergence of 3PL’s & 4PL’s (3rd /4th Party Logistics) providers in India, the concept of WMS is gaining momentum in Indian Logistics Industry. Besides, the competition in the manufacturing, shipping, warehousing industry is increasing. Today, more than ever, the manufacturers and distributors who can deliver the right products quickly and economically to customers are favored over those who struggle in their warehousing and distribution functions. To keep up with customer's most demanding requirements, companies are realizing the importance of advanced technology at all levels of the storage and movement of inventory. Realizing the future importance of an affordable, feature-rich, easy to use Warehouse Management System, Eclipse has decided to enter domestic market with its robust, scalable and mission critical WMS named 'Distribution Center Management System' (DCMS). Dr. Sharad Singhal, CEO, professionally leads and manages the company. He is an alumni of Carnegie-Melon University, USA, IIT Kanpur, IIM Bangalore. He has given Eclipse more than 25 years of his international experience. He had formerly worked with AT&T, USA and Arthur Anderson, USA. Eclipse talent pool consists of PhDs, Post Graduate and Graduate Engineers with extensive experience in international software development, management of large projects and proven leadership qualities.

For more information contact info@eclsys.com

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