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OptiTex and VISTAGY Partner to Provide Complete Solution for 3D Design of Sewn Products

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OptiTex USA Inc. and VISTAGY, Inc. are pleased to announce the integration of their software for designing sewn products. The companies have provided data integration between VISTAGY’s FiberSIM® software, which can be used for designing 3D patterns of sewn products including automotive and aircraft seats and interiors, furniture, and certain categories of apparel, and OptiTex’s Pattern Design (PDS) and RunwayÔ 3D software. The new solution will enable manufacturing organizations that design and fabricate sewn products to speed turnaround times, reduce prototyping costs, and eliminate the costly trial and error process currently used to produce 2D fabric patterns.

VISTAGY, Inc., a world-leading supplier of design engineering software that is integrated into popular CAD systems, has released the FiberSIM® 3D Pattern Design EnvironmentÔ (PDE) for accurately simulating how material drapes over the complex curvature of sewn products made of fabric, leather, etc. FiberSIM software is fully integrated into the CAD system, alleviating all problems related to 3D model translation, and is fully associative with the parametric CAD model. The easy-to-learn software enables engineers to accurately simulate material draping, compare designs, and make changes more quickly than ever before. FiberSIM also provides a materials database and a powerful XML-based open architecture that allows complete integration with Product Data Management (PDM) systems.

OptiTex’s Pattern Design (PDS) and Runway 3D are part of the company’s version 9 pattern design and simulation software. A first of its kind, the software allows accurate fit on any form or body shape and simulates all aspects of the designed-style construction, allowing its users to develop 2D patterns, choose fabrics, and visualize their designs before they produce a physical sample. The design as well as the simulation is now applicable to most of the furniture, apparel, and automotive and aircraft interiors industries. This unique product is offered through the OptiTex line of software solutions.

“We are excited to bring the power of 3D design software tools from VISTAGY to the automotive and aircraft interiors, furniture, and apparel industries,” says Steven C. Luby, president and CEO of VISTAGY, Inc. “The integration of the VISTAGY and OptiTex products enables companies to go to production faster by eliminating the need for prototypes.” For example, automotive seating manufacturers can now design the seat and the seat covering, as well as visualize how the fabric will drape over the seat frame, all without making a physical prototype. Different seat designs, different fabrics, and different combinations of the two can all be evaluated on the computer prior to manufacturing. In fact, the 3D design of the seat frame and the covering can be created in the same CAD environment that the car itself is designed in and can be updated parametrically. FiberSIM generates accurate net flat patterns of each piece from the 3D model for OptiTex’s 2D Pattern Design software. The end result is the elimination of the typical costly trial and error process used for determining the shape of 2D patterns for making 3D products.

“This partnership adds a new dimension to the design and product development capabilities of our joint customers. The integration of our software provides users with the most powerful tools available to design using both a 2D-to-3D process and a 3D-to-2D process. Users will reduce time to market and fabric utilization, as well as visually communicate with prospective customers in a whole new way,” says Yoram Burg, president of OptiTex USA Inc.

About OptiTex

Founded in 1987, OptiTex specializes in the development of innovative easy-to-operate CAD/CAM solutions for sewn products and other related industries. Its native Microsoft Windows based software packages for digitizing, pattern engineering, grading, marking, advanced automatic nesting, made to measure and draping, are specifically designed to meet the needs of today's manufacturers of industrial fabrics, apparel, upholstery, transportation, composites, home furnishings, and other sewn products. OptiTex's open architecture system comes amply equipped with a multitude of import/export formats, enabling OptiTex users to interface with a wide range of software and hardware. OptiTex also offers the convenient option of purchasing a completely integrated package, including OptiTex software solutions, digitizer, and pen or ink jet plotter.

Available in more then 20 languages, OptiTex products are sold and supported around the world through certified distributors and OEMs.

About VISTAGY, Inc.

VISTAGY, Inc., founded in 1991, develops software that integrates with popular 3D CAD systems to create specialized engineering environments. VISTAGY serves over 150 customers worldwide in the aerospace, automotive, marine, medical, and sporting goods industries. VISTAGY software enables engineers to increase productivity, share data, and make better-informed decisions early in design. The company also offers training and consulting services. For more information, contact VISTAGY in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, at +1.781.290.0506 x 300 or visit www.vistagy.com.

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