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BASF and The Woolmark Company will introduce a sourcing and supply Certification

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BASF and The Woolmark Company will introduce a sourcing and supply Certification Scheme to ensure the quality and performance of Basolan® 88 Easy Care treated products.

“The new certificate will be issued by Woolmark and us to manufacturers who use Basolan® 88. Their products will therefore have an additional quality seal. In this way we create more transparency for buyers of woollen textiles”, says Andreas Bastian, BASF product manager responsible for Basolan® 88. BASF’s product Basolan® 88 provides an excellent antifelt effect for mild finishing of wool and all wool blends.

The certification process of BASF and Woolmark will be used throughout the manufacturing pipeline and will include garment merchandising at retail to the consumer. Basolan® 88 will be maintained as the trade brand as this is already well-known in the marketplace where leading companies are already using Basolan® 88. A specific consumer label is under development to highlight the values and product benefits.

The supply base will be closely monitored throughout the pipeline and eligible companies will be provided with an Approved User Certificate. The approved company listing will be supplied to retail buyers to ensure genuine Basolan® 88-treated garments are being sourced. Garment tickets, labels and point of sale merchandise will also be available.

Basolan® 88 takes the wool fibre to a new dimension of versatility, where softness and bulk is combined with whiteness and brightness that enables a wider colour palette range to be considered. It therefore is the chosen standard application for wool top treatment for premium luxury Merino yarns and knitwear combining superior handle and softness.

The product range of BASF’s Business Unit “Performance Chemicals for Textiles” includes products and concepts for weaving, pretreatment, brightening, analog and digital printing, coating and finishing, as well as dyeing auxiliaries. Their products are manufactured and marketed worldwide. They are one of the leading suppliers in this field. Further information on our products can be found at: www.basf.com/textile

July 2004

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