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TUKATECH launches TUKACAD.Net suite

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TUKACAD.Net suite is fully integrated, seamless software that inexpensively permits the user to:

Develop fabric prints, color-ways, and storyboards

Use prints, plaids or graphics on 2D flat patterns

Print fabric digitally (focusing only on the covered area)

Grade patterns

Make costing and production markers

This seamless integration provides the speed and accuracy essential to reduce Product Development time. The flexibility to toggle between print design and pattern design has never been more fluid than in the innovatively designed TUKAcad.Net Suite. Patterns and Prints developed on TUKAcad.Net Suite can be used to view garments three dimensionally via off-the-shelf, low cost 3D packages in HTML format. 3D images may be submitted by Email via Internet Explorer. This allows for fit approval BEFORE expensive samples are produced, saving time and money and speeding up the entire process.

Tukatech’s CEO Ram Sareen commented: “Our mission is to provide complete solutions, this new and vastly improved system developed by TUKATECH has far more functionality than any existing CAD system, yet the application and use is simplified by focusing on “Self-learning” via video tutorials and voice lessons in multiple languages.” TUKAcad.Net Suite is available in two comprehensive packages:

DESIGNER version: For businesses that develop their own fabrics, prints, graphics, 2D flat patterns, grading, markers and 3D visualizing.

PRODUCTION version: For those who only require 2D flat patterns, grading, marker and 3D visualizing.

Both systems are designed to work with a Network key. Licenses may be added for artists, pattern makers, graders or marker makers at a very low cost. The system can be divided within the network thereby allowing multiple operators using only one key to open any program at any station, without buying multiple security dongles. This flexibility allows users to better utilize equipment and human resources. Data conversion and the ability to connect to any peripherals, make this system particularly valuable to exporters who must or desire to communicate with their buyers electronically.

July 2004

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