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America’s Youngest Couture Designer

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Brings its Signature Line to the Mecca of the Fashion World -- Cassandra Rosenthal, a 21 year-old, purple-haired girl from Virginia expands her label, Carasan, to the New York City market by placing her line at SophieRoanCouture. With bi-coastal placement and growing industry presence, Carasan’s handmade designs of lush fabrics, vibrant colors and knit/fur combinations are changing the face of today’s fashion. --

Carasan is one of a limited group of couture designers selected to offer their line at SophieRoanCouture, a new East Village boutique. Expanding on its current placement in upscale boutiques in Palm Beach, Palm Desert and Chicago, and a participant in the last three seasons of Fashion Week in New York City, Carasan is building an industry buzz and being recognized as a premier couture designer. Carasan is noted for its distinctive handmade fur-and-knit combinations in an array of fibers and vibrant colors and its body-hugging knitted dusters, halter-tops and short-shorts. Adding to their knits, Carasan’s line includes a bevy of beautiful silk pieces for day and evening along with dyed tank tops and t-shirts. With a signature ruffle and cornucopia of colors, Carasan has been likened to the boldness of Betsy Johnson and the slim-fitting designs of Kors and Klein, yet so unique the line cannot be mistaken. A mother-daughter design duo, Terri and Cassandra Rosenthal launched Carasan in late 2001 when Cassandra was a mere 18 years old. Cassandra left Virginia to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer and convinced her parents to purchase a four-story Brooklyn townhouse to serve as Carasan’s showroom and studio. Exemplifying the hard work and tenacity needed to succeed as an entrepreneur Cassandra is an honor student at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, while simultaneously working endless nights and weekends creating Carasan’s signature line. Staying true to their commitment of providing quality not quantity, Terri and Cassandra select the best materials from around the globe. For its silks, Carasan orders from the same company used by Zac Posen and Vera Wang. Carasan’s hand dyed pure wools and cottons are imported from Whales, Italy, Canada and Turkey. Most of Carasan’s handmade fur and knit coats are reversible. Carasan uses only superior quality furs. Carasan will never be a mass-market company. Says Cassandra, “It is like buying art. Does your client buy original art, a limited edition lithograph or does she buy a mass-produced print? Our line is for free spirited and self assured women who are youthful at any age and want to wear high quality, one-of-a-kind designs.” Their inspiration dates back to 1920’s designers Erte and Fortuny. Offers Terri, “The Carasan line is one that transcends time. These are items you will want to pass down to your daughter. The Carasan woman is the soul of a Victorian socialite born into the body of an urban artist. She is a woman of today who is on the run, loves to feel feminine and wants quality clothing that will last season after season.”

August 2004

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