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FootWorks Software and Barcoding Inc. Form Strategic Alliance To Meet Labeling Needs Of Footwear & Apparel Companies

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Comprehensive Computer Services, Inc. (CCSI), the developers of FootWorks Software announced a joint agreement with Barcoding Inc. to market CaptureSoft Color Label System to the footwear industry. CaptureSoft is designed to meet many of the unique problems associated with footwear labeling, including strict retailer requirements, VICs label standards, and the multitude of compliance issues many footwear vendors have trouble with. “The ability of CaptureSoft to import data from FootWorks allows customers to upload information virtually anywhere in the world via FTP site to generate case pack, make-up, or open stock labels for box and cases, eliminating any delays waiting for labels to be produced and shipped” said Tipton Clark, Marketing Coordinator for CCSI. “The digital color printing component from VIPColor Technologies lets footwear companies to print their unique styles, colors and sizes as they are needed”.

Barcoding’s CaptureSoft allows the production of UPC and UCC 128 labels that can be printed on demand with variable text, barcodes and color pictures loaded from FootWorks database. “This is a great opportunity for increasing brand recognition while complying with retailers color coding requirements” said Jay Steimetz, President of Barcoding Inc. “Meeting retailer requirements without getting chargebacks is becoming a fulltime job for some vendors, and CaptureSoft can help alleviate many of these problems”, continued Steimetz.

About FootWorks

Based in New Britain, Connecticut, Comprehensive Computer Services, Inc. offers industry-specific software applications for the footwear and apparel industries. http://www.foot-works.com

About Barcoding Inc.

Barcoding Inc. is based in Baltimore, MD, and installs and integrates wireless barcode systems utilizing handheld portable devices, and provides wireless solutions to companies in the manufacturing, distribution and warehousing industries.

About VIPColor Technologies

As a member of the global Venture Corporation Ltd group of companies, VIPColor Technologies is a leading-edge provider of innovative label solutions across industrial and retail supply chains. VIPColor has facilities in Newark, Silicon Valley, and Singapore.

August 2004

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