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TUKATECH Opens in New York

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TUKATECH announces the opening of its office in New York, NY. USA for sales, service and support. After much demand from their East Coast customers and users of TUKAWEB services, TUKATECH decided to join the Big Apple. The new TUKAoffice located at: 50 West, 34th Street Suite 17C8 New York. NY 10001 tukatechNY@tukatech.com Phone - 212-564-3193 Fax - 212-564-3770

will be supported by the Headquarters in Los Angeles. CA. Paul Clarke, VP Operations, will oversee the set-up and training for New York staff to ensure we provide the best possible service and technical solutions . Clarke, a 20 year veteran in the CAD – CAM industry has extensive experience working in the East Coast for such companies as Gerber Technology and Justwin Technologies. “I’m really excited about opening our New York office as I have always enjoyed everything about New York, from the business climate, the ATTITUDE to get things done NOW, to the exciting night life. I know many customers who can benefit from all the TUKAweb services. ” says Clarke.

“The timing couldn’t be more appropriate; with the launch of our TUKAcad.net Suite, FedEx - TUKAweb Plotting solutions and our 3D solutions for simulation of samples, New York designers and buyers will also enjoy the benefits from the TUKAgroup”, added Sonia Chhabra, Director of Business Development.

August 2004

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