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Roundhouse, Inc. announced that it has successfully completed the implementation of an EDI solution for Lacoste's new Oracle based ERP system. Lacoste USA, a division of French fashion house Devanlay, has engaged Roundhouse to program an EDI processing system to conduct e-commerce with all major US department stores. Devanlay is a major clothier who manufactures, sells, and distributes high fashion brand clothing worldwide.

"We are able to implement this system smoothly, within budget and in record time. Our superior process, well-focused approaches and strong technical skills have once again helped our customers to navigate complicated issues with ease. The new system allows Lacoste to streamline it's operations, reduce costs and better serve it's customers. We know the business." said Tony Lu, president of Roundhouse, Inc.

Over the past year, Roundhouse, Inc. has extended it’s IT and EDI outsourcing offerings to over 100 new customers in the consumer products industry. Roundhouse helps consumer products companies meet unique business challenges with quality products and exceptional service. Roundhouse’s services helps companies quickly reduce operating costs and create added value services to increase customer satisfaction, while enabling an easy upgrade path for expanding business solutions to accommodate and promote future growth.

About Lacoste

Founded in 1933, the Lacoste brand is celebrating its 70th birthday. Progressively the brand has evolved from a shirt brand to a clothing brand and finally into a true lifestyle brand. 70 years after the creation of the company, 30 million crocodile branded items are sold each year, in 109 countries, across a network of sports shops and specialised retailers and in 747 boutiques and 1700 Lacoste corners.

About Roundhouse

Roundhouse has been helping fashion houses and personal consumer product companies to build their brands for over ten years. As consultants and IT experts, we offer a wide range of services that are set in motion by a dynamic process. A process built on new ideas, best practices, and industry experience.

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