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Jesse J Heap & Son Inc., introduces a packaged solution for digital

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As an authorized distributor of Sawgrass Sublijet® heat transfer inks, and Wasatch Inc SoftRIP® software for RIP, Jesse J. Heap & Son Inc. introduces the Total Solution package. Marketed for commercial graphic and large format applications, the main components of the total solution package include Sawgrass Sublijet® transfer inks, Wasatch SoftRIP® software, Epson Stylus Pro large format printers, and Astex Heat Transfer Presses.

With over 20 years experience servicing and installing Heat Transfer Printing Systems, Jesse J. Heap & Son, Inc. will provide consulting services, training and installation support for the total solution system in combination with Sawgrass. The package also includes Sawgrass’s PartnerPlus program – a comprehensive plan to fully guarantee SubliJet digital transfer inks against performance issues or defect, and to fully support any printer under Epson warranty when used with Sublijet inks.

More information on the package is available at http://www.jesseheap.com/dye-sublimation-total-solutions.php

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