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Lee Kirsty Designs

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A young girl strolls down the street with her hand sewn terry cloth sunglass case with shoe lace for a closure and old cut up skirt lining. She is swinging it proudly because she knows she sat for hours meticulously putting it together. Well if you hadn't already guessed it....that young gal was Lee and she knew already at that young age she had a certain love of accessories. Her need to create pretty, unusual accessories started young and continued straight through high school where she would sell her handmade beads to all the funky gals. Still no idea she would one day own a biz related to fashion Lee continued her life taking odd jobs to pay the bills. In her mid 20's still obsessed with handbags (her collection of over 40 spilling from her closet) Lee was getting bored of the same old looks in every store. On a whim Lee bought herself a small sewing machine and decided to make her own designs. With a gut instinct that she could sew Lee got to work on her very first design, fumbling her way around this sewing apparatus it took her 4hrs to put together this denim beauty. Not long after toting around this bag she was receiving compliments, stares and inquiries. Her first order came from young lady in the mall who just had to have one!! BANG!! like a bolt of lightening Lee was struck with the "biz bug" and knew this was what she was meant to do and so Lee Kirsty Designs was born in May 2000. Lee rushed home putting together business cards, flyers and even hand making labels to sew on the bags. It wasn't long before it became obvious the internet was the way to go. For months Lee sat at the computer figuring out web designing programs and playing with fun ideas. When it was finally time to open her web boutique Lee was excited to see the reaction the world would have to her whimsical designs.

In a matter of months Lee was enjoying the fruits of her labor by selling to countries around the world. It seems she has found a niche for her bags and is enjoying meeting girls with the same unique taste as she has. As Lee says "My bags are meant to be funny, eye catching and just down right silly but still provide today's women with function". People should have fun with accessories and expect nothing less from Lee Kirsty Designs.

Now Lee enjoys creating bags for women who want funky, functional, unique bags. Recently Lee's bags were given to all the presenters, performers and winners at the Atlanta Recording Academy Hero awards. Some of the recipients included TLC's Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, Kelly Price, Joi, and Leighanne Littrell (wife of Back Street Boy Brian Littrell). And will be seen in YM, ElleGirl, Fashion 18 and Oyster (UK) in the up coming months.

Now it seems there's no limit on Lee's designs and business. She is moving full speed ahead. Lee says " there's no limit's for me now, it's up to me to fulfill my dreams and I am shooting for the stars and you should too. Turn your dreams into goals and start working towards a new passion".

You can learn more about her product at http://www.leekirsty.com/

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