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Nhega Launches Revolutionary Pattern-Digitizing Technology

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Nhega introduced the world’s first automated, high-speed pattern-digitizing system at Material World, Miami, March 17th-19th, 2003; major companies including Liz Claiborne have already adopted the revolutionary new technology.

New York, NY, April, 2003 – Nhega (pronounced “en-hay'-ga”) introduced a groundbreaking new technology for the apparel industry: the NScan high-speed digitizing system. The NScan replaces the slow, error-prone “digitizing table” technology with an automated scanning system that digitizes patterns in seconds. Eighteen months of proven performance have lead major service companies and manufacturers to purchase multiple systems for integration into their global manufacturing networks.

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision technology, the NScan digitizes patterns up to 5 times faster than a digitizing table. Moreover, the system is far more accurate and generates virtually no errors in shape. The NScan is compatible with all major CAD/CAM packages including Gerber, Lectra, Optitex, Tukatech and Polygon. A single NScan system surpasses the productivity of 3 digitizers using 3 digitizing tables, enabling apparel companies to radically improve productivity, accuracy and profitability.

The traditional process of digitizing pattern-pieces on a digitizing table is notoriously slow, costly and error-prone. Each pattern-piece is laid out on the table and traced using a special cursor. With this process, a complete garment can often take well over an hour to digitize. NScan’s state-of-the-art scanner and software, digitizes the same pattern in less than 20 minutes. The NScan software identifies every relevant line and notch, ignores scribbles and markings and delivers a complete electronic description of the pattern-piece - complete with grade numbers - in seconds. In addition, the NScan uses high-resolution imaging to capture the exact shape of the pattern, eliminating over 90% of digitizing errors. With this phenomenal productivity increase and unsurpassed accuracy, companies can eliminate up to 75% of their digitizing costs, while improving quality and turn-around time and reducing costly delays.

The system has already been adopted by some of New York’s largest service companies and manufacturers, including Liz Claiborne and Anglo Grading.

For more information about the first practical alternative to traditional digitizing technologies in over 20 years, please contact Matt Wyndowe (mw@nhega.com, 212-222-7803), or visit our website at www.nhega.com.

About Nhega

Nhega (pronounced “en-hay'-ga”) is a New York-based technology company whose mission is to develop, produce and market superior productivity enhancing systems for the apparel industry. Nhega’s development team consists of leading experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. The company has created the NScan, the world’s first automated, high-speed, pattern-piece digitizing system. For additional information about Nhega, please visit our web site at www.nhega.com

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