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Nip Embarrassing Moments This Spring & Summer!

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Nippits Offer A Fresh Solution to An Age-Old Problem

As soon as the first bright sunny days peek through the gray clouds, it is time to try out the newest spring fashions. However, many women may find themselves baring more of their anatomy than they are comfortable showing. Nippits, nipple concealment strips, allow women to show off their new sheer and light colored tops without showing anything else.

Nippits are taking the country by storm as the most popular alternative to the adhesive bandage (which are ineffective) or padded pasties (which add bulk and can be seen through many fabrics). In fact, they were recently featured on A&E-TV's 2-hour special “Cleavage” hosted by Carmen Electra.

Nippits are padless, latex-free, and painless to apply and remove. They stay put under everything from evening gowns to wet bathing suits and tanks with shelf bras. They do not add bulk under sheer tops or sheer bras, so no one will know the secret to avoiding embarrassing moments! They are so unique that Nippits were issued a patent in 2002, and are so effective that a costume designer from the upcoming film "Matrix II" ordered 3,000 pairs for the cast.

“Nippits, feather-light nipple concealment strips, enable women to feel confident in any style of clothing,” states co-creators S. Kraig Johnson, M.D and Sheila Johnson. “We invented Nippits out of ‘sheer’ frustration,” explains Sheila Johnson. “Previous solutions for nipple concealment were either ineffective at concealing nipples or painful to take off. Now, I find myself wearing these easy to use strips several times a week.”

Nippits offer benefits to women of all breast sizes. Small-breasted and surgically augmented women, who never really need to wear a bra, love their newfound freedom. Large-breasted women can wear them under a sheer bra, finally achieving the comfort and confidence they have been missing.

Hollywood celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie have made Nippits part of their wardrobes.

Visit www.nippits.com.

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