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New optical brightener: Ultraphor RN Plus Liquid is a real dazzler

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New product ensures improved fixation properties

Optical brightener for unmatched top white effect

BASF development ensures high production safety

The new Ultraphor® RN Plus Liquid from BASF makes whites even whiter and offers impressively high quality. In most cases, it will prevent shade deviations and yellow areas caused by non-fixed brightener, even if machine conditions are unfavourable. Ultraphor® RN Plus Liquid is the latest development in the extensive BASF range of optical brighteners for polyester and represents an optimisation of the proven Ultraphor® RN Liquid.The main focus of the new product was to improve the fixation properties whilst increasing the high level of quality that customers have come to expect from BASF. Ultraphor® RN Plus Liquid has already been used successfully in several customer tests and has attained hitherto unmatched top white effects with a CIE grade of up to 165.

As a result of the fixation temperature of just 180° in the thermosol process, the non-shaded brightener also saves energy. Or, at 190°C, it offers a greater degree of production safety. This is because, as a result of the low fixation temperature of Ultraphor® RN Plus Liquid, the danger of yellowing in the event of temperature fluctuations during the fixation process is reduced considerably. This results in fewer rejects, which means that production safety and thus also delivery performance are optimised. The product can be used both in the exhaust and thermosol processes. Ultraphor® RN Plus Liquid is now available world-wide.

BASF – international leader in performance chemicals for textiles

BASF is the world's leading chemical company. It offers customers a highly competitive product range that includes chemicals, plastics, additives, agricultural products and fine chemicals as well as crude oil and natural gas. With a workforce of over 89,000 employees, its sales in 2002 totalled approximately 32 billion euros.

The BASF range of performance chemicals for textiles includes products and concepts for sizing, pretreatment, optical brightening, dyeing, printing, coating, finishing, and digital textile printing. BASF customers have the competitive advantage of innovative applications and efficient solutions to technical problems. BASF’s leading expertise provides its customers and customers’ customers with strategic advantages in their markets. BASF is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of textile chemicals. It offers technical advice, reliable delivery service and custom products in all the primary textile markets. Internet address: www.basf.com/textile

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