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Bian Variani Vancouver Designer

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Bian Variani, Leading Vancouver designer has been known as the only designer in history that skydives to events, motto-crossing his CR 125 over his runway/catwalk. "We are innovative, thrill seekers... one-of-a-kind in performance and a love for our audience."

Variani’s International approach takes the standard runway to an explosive new edge. Debuting his 2003 Urban-Couture collection in a new altitude through sellout shows in North America and Europe, Bian returns to Vancouver featuring billboard pop performers, hip-hop dancers, and glamour models. Bian expresses to celebrity clients ranging from music to film related industries. Hot tubs, illusions and 20-foot video screens broadcasting a live feed of all the over-the-top stage antics are just a few approaches to the full featured events Bian enamors his audience with.

Urban-Couture is high-end, cutting-edge apparel for trendsetters and ”fashionistas”, aimed toward the upscale market of the fashion industry. Variani's designs are vibrant, alive, and full of character. His clothing is unmistakably Euro flavored, focused on an audience of "stylers", drawing a new age of culture.

"We dare to be different in our fashion shows creating an engaging theatrical presentation, a true event, rather than just your typical runway show because it's fun and an expression of who we are," enthuses Variani. "More than anything it's moving boundaries of entertainment."

Variani's style, the feature story in the spring issue of Anokhi Vibe magazine, is expressed first and foremost through color. Introduced to Haute Couture in Paris in 1990 and diversified through fashion studies in Milan and London, Variani takes the catwalk to creative new heights with elements never seen before. "Meeting culture, expression and fashion" says Variani, "is the culmination of diverse experience moving forward through art and design. It is exciting, risky, and pure unadulterated fun." “Fashion”, says Bian, “is a rotation of different mediums affected by culture, night life, music, trend setters, celebrities and us, the designers. Fashion is in the direction of new experiences with open doors for the ones who are not scared to ‘dare to be different’”. Much of Bian’s success may be attributed to his stimulating and vigorously youthful experiences that brought exploration, diversity and intent to the forefront. His father was from Paris, his mother from Milan, their common language being Croatian until they learned English. Although he was enrolled in a French school, every month they traveled constantly living and embracing new realities including traveling around the world in a yacht. Bian describes his youth as “adventurous, a new experience each day”. During these formative years, he forged solid relationships with a group of friends whom he still maintains contact with. Bian’s mother was a fashion designer who emphasized preserving the true values of art in the extension of design. From an early age designing was a core part of Bian’s world, aside from the simple enjoyment of acting out his adventures as a super-hero. As Bian’s family settled into Canada, where his mother still operates a hotel and restaurant in a small town near the Alberta-U.S. border, Bian’s horizons broadened into “parasailing, motor-cross racing, traveling, baseball, hockey, acting, camping, writing music, playing piano, and girly girls that can make a boyz heart skip beats.” Today, Bian is in a fine position to attract young women – sporty cars lent to him by exotic dealers as advertising, his natural ebullience, and a broad range of interests with a focus on designing in and sharing the glamorous world of fashion. Although he has been “close to marriage” his current settling down is for enjoying “the single life with benefits”. At the show, Eve asked him about his hip-hop dancing, which was naturally energetic, focused and lively, to which Bian responded “just having fun, despite the seriousness and demands of the committed work”. With a home in Calgary, an exotic forefront in Vancouver, and his cutting and manufacturing in Milano, Italy, Bian gains freedom of movement through the Internet. He now designs in Vancouver, sends his patterns to Milano by email, and travels from hotel room to hotel room as he keeps up a major schedule of press and runway shows. Aside from Vancouver he enjoys New York, London, Paris, Los Angles, Miami and, of course Milano. “The world is pretty huge, I would love to have shows in 128 countries.” there speaketh Bian’s unbound enthusiasm. Heralded by an independent-twist appearance at Fashion Week in NY, Bian has plans to further develop shows in NY, LA and Miami. As Bian moves forward with his up-market designs, he still retains the “fun, fun, fun” of his pursuit, while keeping an eye on his watch. His unique lifestyle occupies him 24/7 and extends Bian’s love of life. “The night life takes me to the moon. Love to be the firecracker at the parties but writing poetry and dancing to slow songs is the key to my heart” Some of his poems and his expression of himself are on his web site alongside his richly expressive and elegant couture.

More information available at: www.bianvariani.com

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