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Puma North America Collaborates To Test FootWorks Software

From: ASAP


Westford, MA –Comprehensive Computer Services (CCSI) has collaborated with Puma North America on being the first company to use FootWorks version 7.0. Puma has allocated significant assets and personnel to this project, including Tom La Cascia, the Project Leader and lead Consultant for this development. Mr. La Cascia has significant experience, with over 8 years as IT manager in the FootWorks community.

“I’m very excited about the relational database with FootWorks,” said Mr. La Cascia. “Critical business problems can be solved without incurring the cost of a programmer. FootWorks v7.0 will give users better access to the wealth of information residing in FootWorks. Puma has large volumes of data and many users, making evaluating performance and usability a critical part of Puma’s contribution to the collaboration with CCSI on their new version of FootWorks” continued Mr. La Cascia.

“FootWorks v7.0 will allow users much greater access, flexibility, and effectiveness in data analysis across their enterprise” said Tipton Clark, Marketing Coordinator for CCSI. “The turnaround time for reporting will be significantly reduced, while improving data integrity. Many third-party application tools can be used with our relational database, making v7.0 convenient to use ” continued Mr. Clark.

“We’re all looking forward to the completion v7.0,” said Mr. La Cascia. “We will then have much easier access to all the business information that we’ve stored up over the years using FootWorks”.

Puma North America is based in Westford, Massachusetts, and provides consumers with innovative products that successfully fuse the creative influences from the worlds of sport, lifestyle and fashion.

Based in New Britain, Connecticut, Comprehensive Computer Services, Inc. offers industry-specific software applications for the footwear and apparel industries.

Comprehensive Computer Services Inc. (860) 223-6476, Ext. 312 tip@ccsifw.com http://www.foot-works.com