Launch of ASAP

Date: 8/2/00
Time: 8:05:20 PM


August 2, 2000 Launch of the Apparel Search Associated Press (ASAP)

The Apparel Search Company based in Clifton New Jersey, has launched a state of the art online news division called Apparel Search Associated Press (ASAP). ASAP will provide Apparel & Textile industry companies with the ability to "read" as well as "post" news articles that relate to various Apparel, Fashion & Textile related topics.

Apparel Search Associated Press (ASAP) will provide fast access to news and events that are important to members of the fashion world. Content will be comprehensive covering a wide range of articles. Whether you are interested in reading about new faces in the modeling industry, upcoming new designers, or articles on importing, you will find it all in the pages of ASAP.

Apparel Search Associated Press (ASAP) is a Free service which is provided by the Apparel Search Company. If you wish to take advantage of this unique service, you can visit the web site and navigate to the News area of the site. If you have questions regarding this new service, you can contact the Apparel Search Company at

The ASAP news division is the latest expansion in a long line of successful undertakings accomplished by the Apparel Search Company. You can view additional company attributes by visiting the Apparel Search web site located at

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