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China Sourcing Report


Denim Garments

Report on Denim Garments
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China is the world's largest supplier of denim garments, accounting for 30% of global production. The country exported US$1.8 billion worth in 2004.

With quotas eliminated, demand is expected to increase by more than 20% in 2005. But a government-imposed export tax and looming US and EU safeguards threaten growth.

Learn how manufacturers plan to deal with these obstacles
and meet demand
with the deep profiles you'll find in this report of China's leading denim garment producers.

You'll also benefit from a complete industry overview, offering production forecasts, and information on design trends, QC developments and other vital sourcing issues.

  Suppliers: 71 Products: 112 Pages: 108 Published: Mar 05 Price: US$395


What you'll
How you'll
Table of
Sample pages
   In-depth profiles of 15 leading denim garment makers providing detailed information on manufacturing capabilities, product offerings and future plans. Based on factory tours and personal interviews with senior managers, these profiles are available nowhere else
   Profiles of an additional 56 suppliers with key data such as machinery installed, exports by product type, main overseas markets and more
   The results of Global Sources' supplier survey, forecasting price, product, production and R&D trends for the next 12 months
   A Product Gallery highlighting 112 best-selling denim garments with product descriptions and color pictures
   This report covers: jeans and shorts, jackets, skirts and dresses, and shirts
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China Suppliers of Denim Garments


All information contained in China Sourcing Reports is the result of original, independent and impartial research conducted by Global Sources analysts.    Apparel Search is working in association with Global Sources to help promote this sourcing report to the international fashion community.  If you have questions about the report or status of your orders, please e-mail Xue Mei for further assistance.

The Denim Garments report has been developed and maintained by Global Sources.  Apparel Search is working in association with Global Sources to help promote this sourcing report to the international fashion community.

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