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Cole Brothers : Their glass bead and microprismatic heat transfer/iron on films are of the highest quality and are used in the garment industry worldwide. The most popular application for their products is in safety garments for firemen, police officers, highway personal, offshore workers, and other applications where high daytime and night time visibility is crucial.
RCT Fabric : The never ending variety of new cutting edge fabrics, notions, and patterns at RCT can do nothing less than inspire your creative imagination to go wild.  From the coolest wickaways to the most burly nylon Corduras, 2.5 layer & 3 layer waterproof breathables to supplex nylons, super absorbent double looped 100% Microfiber toweling to organic cotton Lycra , recycled pop bottle fabrics to reflective 4 way stretch Lycra, RCT Fabrics has the most technically advanced fabric sold in the market.

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