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Welcome to the Fabric Search section of the Apparel Search website. Type in the engine below the fabric category of interest. For example, "knit fabrics", "woven fabrics", "jersey fabric", etc. Feel free to list the weights and finish that you desire. If you are searching for mills, retailers, or wholesalers, please be certain to add that to your search query. The more specifics you list when you type your keywords the better. Be specific as possible. For example, if you are looking for a mill and you know the weight of the jersey knit fabric you desire, you may want to type "140 gram jersey knit fabric mills". Again, the more specifics that you list in the engine, the better the result.

Learn about sewing fabric by the yard at retail.

Learn more about Textiles for Sewing clothing, fashion accessories, and other products.

We hope that the resources listed on this website are of assistance to you.  If you work in the textile industry or the fashion industry, you are welcome to join in the discussion about fabric and apparel at the fabric group on the Fashion Industry Network.

When searching for fabric suppliers, you may want to also visit the good fabric suppliers website.  From the good fabric suppliers site, you will find some helpful information

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If you have suggestions regarding how we can improve our site, please do not hesitate to let us know.  Our goal is to make your job of researching textiles a bit easier.  We truly hope that our research guide has been of assistance to you.  Again, if you have suggestions on ways that we can make this resource more beneficial to you, please submit your suggestions for consideration.

You may also wish to check out the Textile Industry Directory section on the clothing industry directory and the following fabric guide sections on Apparel Search for more information regarding textiles, fibers, and fabrics.

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