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Welcome to the Nylon Prices website.  This textile fiber guide has been designed to assist members of the apparel industry and textile industry with locating information and pricing for nylon. 

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About Nylon Fibers

Before you get started, he is some basic information about Nylon that may come in handy when you are researching the price of nylon.

Nylon 6 fibers are made into textile, carpet and industrial yarns. Nylon 6/6 (Nylon 6,6) is a general purpose extruded grade of nylon that is tough, has good electrical insulating properties and noise dampening characteristics. Nylon resins are noted for their performance properties including high tensile strength, excellent abrasion, chemical and heat resistance, and low coefficient of friction. Hence they are used in engineering plastics with applications in the automotive industry, electronics and industrial components and films for food packaging, as well as fabric, carpeting, sportswear and recreational equipment.  Learn more about nylon in the Nylon Defined section of our site.

In addition to learning about nylon pricing issues, it is important to also learn something about nylon fiber.  You can do so by reading textile fiber news.  This is a good place to find nylon news reports and articles.

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