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Welcome to the Silk Prices website.  Our textile guide has been designed to assist you with learning about silk and silk pricing.  From our website you can find resources to provide you with historical price data, current pricing, pricing trends and more.  Some of our categories include silk fiber prices, silk yarn prices, and silk fabric prices.  You can utilize the links below to learn more about what our site has to offer.

If you are interested in learning more about silk, we would suggest reading our silk defined section.  Also, you can learn more about the fiber from the silk fiber resource on Apparel Search.  To further your education, you can also read various silk news articles from the textile and fashion news directory.

According to the International Trade Forum, "Formerly a luxury trade, the silk industry is at a crossroads. New sandwashed silk brought a wider range of affordable silk products within the reach of millions of consumers during the 1990s. Competition from high-tech synthetics has eaten away market share. Raw silk prices have plummeted by half, to the point that they threaten the sustainability of this industry."

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