Textile Mill 17

1,000 years ago, "weavers" formed a secret society of assassins called the Fraternity.

As of recently, the Fraternity members have been held up at Textile mill 17.  Only a small number of people know the location of Textile mill 17.  Although we are actually one of the few, we are certainly not telling you.

carry out the death orders of the mythological Fates, weavers of every man's lifeline...

Under Cover - Alias as Angelina Jolie

Possible Textile Mill Hide Outs

Textile Mill 17 Assassins

Textile Mill 17

Wesley Gibson is offered the opportunity to seek revenge in the murder of his father, who was a highly skilled assassin.  Gibson is invited by his fatherís partner, Sloan, to follow in his fatherís footsteps.  Sloanís second-in-command who goes by the name of Fox, mentors Gibson. Wesley Gibson follows the death orders issued by the Fates.  The Fates are weavers who read individualsí destinies in fabrics produced by the mystical looms.

In the not so distant past, a rather high profile tiff ensued between members of the Fraternity.  In an effort to cover up a rather explosive situation, the weavers had been forced to actually spin a tale rather then cloth.  As the remaining members gathered, it was decided to create a film.   The goal was to turn true life events into something that would appear as fiction.   In effect, the weavers have taken the sting out of previously unexplainable events.

The Textile Mill 17, where the original loom stands, was turned into a movie set.  Although the actual loom was moved under ground, the building served as an excellent back drop.  In fact, the weavers claimed to be filming long before production truly began (calming the community with explanations regarding the prior ruckus).

The movie bends some of the truth (as you will see with the bullets).  However, the majority of the tale matches closely to reality.

Although you can not tour the Textile Mill 17 location, one of the weavers may visit with you shortly ...

If you have no clue as to what we are talking about, you should check the Wanted video.

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