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Hi we're Charles and David Shaughnessy, brothers from Britain, and our newly adopted brother Michael from Apparel Search...

A couple of years ago, David and I hit on an innovative and entertaining solution to the online advertising revenue woes. We noticed that with the proliferation of web sites showing video, it was hard for any one site to consistently draw enough eyeballs to its content to make viable revenue.  But what if the revenue followed the video itself?! 

Through our company, Bus Stop 31 Productions, we developed an online fashion/lifestyle show called : " 2 Chix Who Love Stuff."  In each episode, the two attractive hosts, Ty and Ash, took the viewer on an exclusive  tour through the latest hot fashions, bargains, designers and styles. What made this show so unique was that every item could be "clicked" on and bought straight from the page. It was like pushing a shopping cart through the video, as you would through a department store.

The experiment worked flawlessly, but we needed better access to, and understanding of, the world of fashion and style. That's where Michael and Apparel Search came in.  Michael's hugely successful portal to the universe of Fashion has now partnered with Bus Stop 31 to present this unique shopping opportunity to the web. The show will still be hosted by the gorgeous Ty and Ash, but we wanted to mark a fresh and exciting new departure for our project, so we changed its name to StyleMouse, in reference to the fact that all the items featured can be purchased with just one "click of the mouse!"  That's right. Instead of having to research what you see in the videos in order to buy it, you can just "click" on it's thumbnail and voila! you're there at Add to Cart!

So enjoy StyleMouse and remember, to find the best bargains and fashions, just "click" the mouse in your hand!

  Note: Michael is not really the adopted brother of Charles and David... Actually, we don't think that he is related to the mouse either...

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  StyleMouse is a partnership between the Apparel Search Company & Bus Stop 31 Productions.

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