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Did you really ask, "what makes StyleMouse different?"

Well, hello... Are you the three blind mice or something... Can't you see us???  We are two extremely amazing young ladies... AND we understand fashion.  AND we have our hands on one AMAZING piece of technology... We are not only different, we're better.

In today's challenging retail environment, it is more important than ever that clothing manufacturers and fashion retailers present their product to the consumer in ever more engaging and attractive ways.

What Can StyleMouse Do For YOU?

How Does StyleMouse Work?
How do I sell my product on a StyleMouse episode?
How has StyleMouse become so popular in the world of fashion?
How does StyleMouse Make Money?
How to change the size of Videos on your website
How do we get our fashion company NOTICED?
Does StyleMouse Function well on other websites?

We would like to show you an exciting and truly innovative form of advertising and online retail strategy that engages and excites the viewer even as they make the searches and purchases that drive your business.

StyleMouse Fashion Videos and Style Videos

A fatal combination of DVR and short attention span has made traditional advertising less effective than ever.  It is time for traditional advertising to have a face lift.

Contact StyleMouse to discuss opportunities.


“StyleMouse” is an original and fully interactive fashion/lifestyle series.


Each episode Ty and Ash, our gorgeous hosts, discover the very best in affordable fashion and style.  But more than just showing the viewer a shop window to fashion… with the help of the infallible StyleMouse, they also afford the viewer an opportunity to make purchases of their favorite items right there in the video!

It is as though we have turned our video into a retail store through which the viewer can push a shopping cart and actually purchase your product.


How does this work?

Here is an example where Ty and Ash go shopping at Peeler Gear in Hollywood. Remember, if you like the look of something, just move your cursor to it and….“click” your mouse!


StyleMouse Fashion Videos by StyleMouse

Note: if the above screen is black, click anywhere on the black screen to start the video.  Also, we've found the video plays smoothest through Firefox."

StyleMouse Fashion Video Directory

If you have a fashion blog or fashion website, you are welcome to place this video on your own site.  Click the bar at the bottom of video, click menu and you will have choices.  Try the "embed" to grab the code.


What do I need to do to sell my product in a StyleMouse episode?


There is very minimal upfront cost...

All we would need are the items you wish for us to feature  (like any Product Placement,) and leave the rest to us.


With every “click” we deliver customers to your “add to cart,” from  where they can browse your site or make a purchase.


Apart from enjoying a boost in sales, at the end of each month we will share with you data on all the activity on your items (clicks and click through rates) as a valuable customer research resource."


   Are you looking to promote your fashion brand with a viral fashion marketing?

How did StyleMouse become so popular, so fast?


We are partnered with “Apparel Search,” one of the premier fashion directories and web site aggregators.  “Apparel Search” averages over 1.2 million page impressions per month and is the portal to a universe of sister sites and fashion / style pages such as the Fashion Industry Network, Fashion Job Search, Designer Search, etc. 


In addition, StyleMouse creates highly entertaining fashion videos.  It should come as no surprise that the episodes quickly become popular.


Because the StyleMouse “clickability” follows the video, each page that carries it will become yet another retail store for your product – multiplying customers exponentially!


How does StyleMouse make money?


Simple commission on actual sales or a negotiable CPM rate. 




Note: This program is NOT open to all companies.  We do have a selection process.  If you are interested, you may submit an application for review.



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