How to change the VIDEO SIZE when placing fashion video on your website

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So, we here that you have a question regarding changing the size of the StyleMouse fashion videos on your website.

First, to add a StyleMouse video to your own fashion website, you must get the embedded code from our video players.  We have added a video below to use as an example.  If you hover your mouse over the bar at the bottom of the video, you will see a section that says "Menu".  In that section, click the link to "embed"  You will then be provided HTML code as shown below (don't get scared of the code... We only have to make a "minor" change to adjust the size of the player).

This is code (for the specific video at the bottom of this page):

If you look at the 1st and 2nd row of that long and scary code, you will see width="800" height="400"

To change the size of the video player, simply change the number for the width and height in the big scary list of code...

If you want the player smaller, change to a smaller number.  If you want the player larger, change to a larger number.

For example, you can change the player to a smaller width by simply changing to width="650" height="400"


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