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Get your startup fashion business noticed !!!


“StyleMouse,” the new interactive Fashion/lifestyle web series, is looking for Startup companies that have been in business for six months or less.   If your company fits the bill and is in need of exposure and a helping hand to drive traffic to your new business, then “StyleMouse” wants to hear from you!

We can set up an episode featuring your young business and help to catapult it to millions of Internet viewers through our distribution network of blogs and websites.   Your product or service will be placed actually within the body of the web show and is interactive and “clickable,” for viewers to either find out more or even purchase your product right then and there through your “Add to Cart.”

“StyleMouse” provides so much more than banner ads and “pop-ups” and it’s completely non-intrusive to the viewer, (extremely important these days.)   The viewer is in total control and chooses to “click” on an item, only when they’re already interested and engaged.

Have your startup business become a household name in the “StyleMouse” universe and spread throughout the Internet.

The business model is a simple CPM arrangement so you don’t pay until you see results!

StyleMouse Video Directory

StyleMouse : style mouse

Imagine, kicking back and watching another enjoyable episode of StyleMouse.  Now, image that it is YOUR PRODUCT or YOUR BRAND being featured... Wow, that would be amazing...

StyleMouse provides i
nteractive clickable video

What can StyleMouse do for you?

Please note that we do not add interactivity to "every" single item in our fashion videos.  That would be a bit ridiculous.  We select the items that we believe to be of interest to StyleMouse viewers.

StyleMouse Fashion Video Directory

StyleMouse provides interactive clickable video. This means that you can watch a StyleMouse episode and actually click various locations in the video to learn more about the product that you click. If for example, one of the featured characters is wearing a fantastically attractive Armani t-shirt, you can simply click on the shirt and like magic, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the product.

 Remember, it only takes one click of the mouse to be in style.

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