What can StyleMouse do to help members of the fashion industry?

Do you wish to sell more product?
Are you eager to promote and expand your fashion brand?
Do you need a more creative way to provide consumers with detailed information regarding your products or services?

You may be ready for StyleMouse ...

StyleMouse Fashion Videos by StyleMouse
Regardless of your companies marketing needs, StyleMouse can help you achieve your goals.
Clothing Stores / Fashion Boutiques can utilize StyleMouse video to sell product by turning the actual "videos" into interactive virtual clothing stores.  Consumers can conveniently click on a clothing or fashion accessories in the video and be taken to your shopping cart to purchase product.
Fashion Designers can utilize StyleMouse videos to promote their product or brand.  We can create a StyleMouse episode highlighting your company and your brand.  The StyleMouse team can potentially visit your studio and film your product being developed.  We then sprinkle a bit of magic and create an interactive video for you to send to retailers, the media, etc.  Use these professionally developed videos to take your fashion brand viral...
Public Relations Firms can utilize StyleMouse videos to promote the brands developed by their clients.  In addition, if we feature your fashion PR firm in one of our episodes, you can use the video to promote your companies PR services to potential clients.  Wow, what a great way to impress a new client.  Show them a StyleMouse episode featuring your services or the services of one of your other clients.  New accounts will be knocking down your door in no time...
Apparel Wholesalers are ALWAYS looking for ways to impress retailers.  Wouldn't it be beyond impressive to inform your biggest client that you plan to work with StyleMouse to create a video featuring the product that they just purchased from you.  As a favor to them, and a method to help them increase sales, the StyleMouse episode can link to your accounts website for product to be purchased.  Obviously, as your retail partner improves their sell through rate, this will most probably result in re-orders next season.  How is that for a great idea for getting into more doors at retail??
The list of benefits StyleMouse provides to the clothing industry can go on and on page after page.  The reality is that regardless of which segment of the fashion industry your company falls, StyleMouse videos can be customized to help your business grow.
Before I let you go, here is a brief example of what StyleMouse can do for you...  Let's say for example, your company is on track to becoming a hugely successful distributor of designer jeans.  We can develop a StyleMouse video with the gals wearing your jeans (by the way, they would look awesome in your jeans).  As viewers watch the video, they can click on the jeans and be taken directly to a store to make a purchase or they can be directed to any online location of your choice.  Possibly, consumers should be guided to a page on your website that provides information regarding your company, brand, and or product.  Anyway, this example is regarding jeans, but you can simply insert your product or service into the example.  Our system will work perfectly for YOU.
Now be honest... Wouldn't you like to see the StyleMouse gals in your pants? (or t-shirts, or underwear, or dress, or shoes, etc.)  Well, if you are interested in being featured in a StyleMouse episode, please do not hesitate to contact the StyleMouse crew.
By the way, after your company is featured in a StyleMouse episode, the video has strong potential to spread virally across the internet (if you are not familiar with internet terminology, "viral" associated with the term video is actually a "good" thing.  
Frequently Asked Questions About StyleMouse

The public loves our interactive video because it's advertising by choice (viewers only click on product they are interested in learning more about) and your companies click thru rates can potentially be thru the roof.

StyleMouse provides i
nteractive clickable video

StyleMouse transforms fashion video into ad inventory that can be controlled and targeted to a specific item of clothing or related product in a moving video.  

Picture a young lady jogging down the beach.  As she jogs, our video will have clickable links on each item of clothing she is wearing.  From her stylish hat down to her fashionable footwear. Even though she will be moving (as people often do in "video") viewers would be able to click on her clothing and experience our highly interactive video.  Click the hat and we may guide you to the website of the fashion designer that developed the headwear.  Click on the shoes and you may have the opportunity to view pricing and make a purchase.  Click and her job bra, and yes you will possibly learn more about the designer or brand that developed the bra.

In other words, StyleMouse creates ad inventory inside fashion videos that can be controlled and formatted to meet the needs of any type of fashion company.  As each company in the apparel industry serves a different role, we can customize StyleMouse videos to suit your companies needs

By the way, if you work in the fashion industry, please join us for discussions at the Fashion Industry Network.  You can join the StyleMouse Group to discuss issues relevant to StyleMouse videos.

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