What can StyleMouse do for consumers and people interested in fashion?

StyleMouse provides interactive clickable video.  This means that you can watch a StyleMouse episode and actually click various locations in the video to learn more about the product that you click.  If for example, one of the featured characters is wearing a fantastically attractive Armani t-shirt, you can simply click on the shirt and like magic, you will have the opportunity to either purchase the product or be guided to a location to learn more about the product (or learn about a company involved with the product that you selected).  Yes, I agree that this is rather amazing... 
Again, you can click on product that is actually in the "video".  We are NOT talking about static banners or photos... You can actually click on "moving" video.  It is simply the same thing as watching a television episode and being able to click on the celebrities dress and see where it can be purchased (or some other exciting tid bit of information regarding the dress).
Imagine, kicking back and watching another enjoyable episode of StyleMouse.  At the same time being able to interact with the video to learn more about the fashion being featured in the episode.  How amazing is that?? VERY amazing indeed

StyleMouse provides i
nteractive clickable video

What can StyleMouse do for you?

Please note that we do not add interactivity to "every" single item in our fashion videos.  That would be a bit ridiculous.  We select the items that we believe to be of interest to StyleMouse viewers.

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 Remember, it only takes one click of the mouse to be in style.

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