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StyleMouse is a big fan of video websites...  In fact, we are very big fans of nearly anything relevant to video and anything relevant to fashion.

HOWEVER, there is one major issue that we want to make you aware of before you start watching StyleMouse videos on other video websites.

*** When watching StyleMouse episodes on various video websites, the INTERACTIVITY (clickable regions in the video) may NOT function according to plan... 

The GOOD NEWS is that you can always watch the videos in full function here on the StyleMouse section of Apparel Search.


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE : If you use the embedded code from our videos, you WILL BE ABLE to put the videos on your own fashion websites.  AND most importantly all of the clickable regions in the video SHOULD WORK PERFECTLY.  The only time the video may not work is if you take the embedded code from Youtube or other similar sites.  As long as you grad the embedded code directly from the StyleMouse video player, you will be golden.  Feel free to place StyleMouse videos on your fashion blog or other sort of fashion relevant website.

StyleMouse Fashion Video Directory

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StyleMouse will be available on additional video sites in the near future... We will add to this list as soon as possible..


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