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Although the majority of contests that will be discussed in the fashion contests group at the Fashion Industry Network are NOT actually sponsored by the Fashion Industry Network, we will on occasion participate.  Some contests will will sponsor in full, and for others we will participate in a smaller way. 


Fashion Contest October 2010 : Fashion Public Relations Book : This was a fashion essay contest.  The subject was, "Things they never taught me in school on being successful in the Fashion Industry".


First Prize Winner :

Second Prize Winner:
Tara Davis

Honorable Mention:
Sonya LaRae

Organized by Apparel1 and Gerald Sherman.

Prize : Fashion Public Relations, Gerald J. Sherman & Sar S.Perlman, Fairchild Books, Division of Conde Nast, N. Y., (2010). This book has been adopted by nationally and internationally known Fashion Colleges & Universities.


Did you know that the Fashion Industry Network has a Fashion Contest Group?  By the way, you do not win anything if you answer that questions correctly...

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