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Our intention is to provide information regarding all aspects of clothing and fashion.  If you know of any clothing, fashion, or textile related issue that is not currently listed on Apparel Search  please let us know.

Apparel Search Handbag imageApparel Search is one of the largest and fastest growing online guide to the Apparel Industry. We provide excellent resources that aid industry professionals in efficiently and effectively completing daily tasks.  If you are interested in receiving our fashion industry newsletter, you are welcome to sing up by using the form on this page.

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1) Yes, you can opt out of the newsletter at any time.

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3) Are their better fashion industry news letters? Probably, but it can't hurt to read ours also.

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By the way, we do not often send news letters.  Fashion newsletters are only sent if we have something worthy of your time.  Do not expect a clothing and fashion news letter each week.  It is possible you want receive any all year.

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If you are not into reading fashion industry newsletters, you can read up on the industry from the following resources.  The first suggestion is to try our fashion blog which is an excellent source for current information about clothes, styles, and various aspects of the garment industry.  After that, you may want to check the Fashion News section which provides access to various resources such as the Fashion Newspaper, Online Fashion News, & Fashion News Articles.

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