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Clothing companies donating to medical charities is certainly in fashion this season.

Web site viewers typically visit "help pages" to find help for themselves.   The Apparel Search Company prefers to offer the clothing industry with easy access to "help others".

Although our help page may not be what you had expected, you should be thankful for the opportunity to assist medical related charities.

Fashion Industry DirectoryDo "NOT" send contributions to Apparel Search.

Please pledge donations "directly" with the appropriate agency.   You can learn about giving donations by visiting their web sites.

Donating to medical charities is certainly in fashion this season.

Learn more about these organizations by clicking the links to their web sites.

Every little bit helps...

American Cancer Society

American Heart Association

Boomer Esiason Foundation (cystic fibrosis)

America's Blood Centers

Epilepsy Foundation of America

Lupus Foundation

American Cancer Society American Heart Association

It is good luck to help others...

cystic fibrosis Boomer Esiason Foundation American Red Cross Logo

Some day, you may need the help...

Thank you for proving that the clothing and fashion accessories industry is committed to helping the well being of others.  If you have made money selling clothes or textiles, it would be a good idea to donate at least a small portion.  It is the fashionable thing to do.

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The section below is NOT regarding charitable giving.  When you are done learning about the charitable organizations above, you can use the links below to learn more about the apparel industry.

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The employees and families of Apparel Search appreciate the support you have given to your favorite charity.  You should feel very good about yourself.  Enjoy your day!

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