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Important: Apparel Search does NOT guarantee that these retailers sell Latex-Free Clothing.  We have been informed by viewers, the retailers, or personally saw on these company websites that they sell latex free products.  However, it is possible that they no longer sell latex free product or the product is not truly one hundred percent latex free.  Furthermore, we do not know the latex free labeling requirements.  YOU must do your own investigation before buying any product.  Again, we do NOT know if items you find from this section are latex free.  We certainly hope they are, but we do not make any guarantee.

Decent Exposures

Sensory Comfort: Sensory Comfort sells products for children and adults who have sensory processing differences (also called SPD, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, DSI, or tactile/sensory defensiveness).

If you know any retailers selling latex free clothes or fashion accessories that are latex free, please let us know.

Search for additional information about latex-free clothing, and information regarding latex free issues.  You can also try the engine at the clothing b2b site.

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