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  Alain S. Azarian: they are an export house and export to Europe, Africa as well as the Middle East.  Their exports are made directly from their suppliers who are situated in the United States of America, Europe as well as the Far East.  Address: Rawda Beirut 12345 Lebanon  Phone:  961-3-666037 or 961-1-337427  Fax:  961-1-320769  Email:  [email protected]  Contact:  Alain Azarian

  • Wholesale Item # 1: Non woven fusible interlining
  • Wholesale Item # 2: Woven fusible interlining
  • Wholesale Item # 3: Knitted fusible interlining
  • Wholesale Item # 4: Weft-Insert fusible interlining
  • Wholesale Item # 5: Stich-through fusible interlinings
  • Wholesale Item # 6: Needlepunch
  • Wholesale Item # 7: Felts

Al Maher Trading EST. Textiles: They deal with the wholesale of imported textiles and fabrics.
They import mainly from Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, and the Far East. Their market is global. They have been leading the textiles industry in Lebanon since 1980.   Feedback them for free swatches or samples of any available product.   Greater Beirut, Lebanon  Phone: 961-1-304088  Email:
[email protected]

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