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Colaris is one of the latest Inkjet Printing Technologies. This innovation offers the user significant improvements in digital textile printing. J. Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH is one of the World Market leader in Digital Printing. J. Zimmer Maschinenbau GmbH was founded 1874 and is a global leader in textile printing and coating machines. ZIMMER AUSTRIA serves the world and has representative offices in many countries. Zimmer Kufstein is the technology center for digital printing machines and Zimmer Klagenfurt is responsible for screen printing machines and coating machines.

Gali Internacional was first set up in 1951 as an enterprise for the manufacture of mechanical construction. At present, Gali has increased its range of printing machines incorporating flat screen printing machines for high production , roller printing machines of one cylinder for Application of soaps and inks for non woven material and digital printing machines for samples and short runs. Thanks to its creative developments at present it has a well structured plant in Sentmenat (Barcelona) Spain, where it is developed and produced the majorities of Gali's products, mainly: air starter for dieses engines, printing textile machinery and flameproof protection. Gali Internacional, is an organization directed to the customer on international basis, as shown our companies in Germany, Italy, France and China, besides they count with a large list of collaborators worldwide. Thanks to its constant development of products of its own technology, reliable and high quality, Gali is well situated in the most advanced and exigent markets worldwide. Because of more than 30 years of service to printers, Gali is considered to be expert in this trade.

MS : Production and development of machinery and complete installations for textile printing, high fashion, garments and substrates of any kind, with digital (ink-Jet), traditional and mixed technologies. Technical assistance, engineering, development of special solutions, assistance on inks supply, consumables, traditional and special dye stuff. MS experience began in Como in 1947, as a specialized textile printing mill. The factory was working for the most important Italian textile manufacturers that, at those times, were concentrated in Milano and Como districts.  In the seventies the company started to develop innovative technical solutions for textile printing that attracted the attention of many competitors. Many companies appreciated MS printing machines and asked for them. In 1983, MS started its own dedicated production, development and sale of printing machines. Then, in the eighties, MS changed its mission and, from being a textile printing operator, evolved to be one of the main and more innovative suppliers of machines and technologies for the textile printing, in Italy and all over the world. The company moved to Caronno Pertusella, near Milan, in facilities within easy reach from the most important motorways and at 60 kms from the most important Northern Italy airports (Linate, Malpensa, Orio al Serio). MS has been producing textile printing machines for decades, from the single ink-jet printing machine to the complete turnkey plants, with digital (ink-jet), traditional or combined technology. MS whole know how and technical solutions are completely Made in Italy with technical components made in Italy, from the software to the spare parts (excluding those standard components normally available on the market). Production and development of machinery and complete installations for textile printing, high fashion, garments and substrates of any kind, with digital (ink-Jet), traditional and mixed technologies.

Technical assistance, engineering, development of special solutions, assistance on inks supply, consumables, traditional and special dye stuff.

Printtex : Denmark. Dealer of digital textile printing equipment and consumables including drapery and upholstery. Exclusive top end fashion and decorator fabrics digitally printed. Drapery, curtains, bed linen, upholstery and fashion fabrics digital printing. Flame retarded contract fabrics Trevira cs, cotton, linen, lycra and silk printed commercial digitally. No minimum order. Individual designs printed to order. Supplier of Inkjet Printers for digital textile printing. Design CD with over 107 designs in Vector format designs for sale. Pre- and after treatment, fixation machinery suppliers for digital textile printing.

RA Smart : RA Smart the home of digital fabric printing, machinery and supplies in the UK. Based in the silk town of Macclesfield they operate what is regarded by many as the country's largest digital print facility. Much of their work can be seen on catwalks around the world and found in leading department stores, working as they do for some of the biggest names in fashion and soft furnishing design. But leading the way in digital print is not all they do: They are actively committed to keeping the ancient art of weave alive, as well as promoting Macclesfield's rich silk producing history around the world. The past ten years has seen RA Smart at the forefront of digital technology, installing the latest systems throughout the UK, covering a vast array of applications. They provide a complete fabric design and print solution for businesses of all sizes, as well as working with all UK design colleges, where they actively support and encourage the next generation of designers.

Stork Prints : Stork Prints invented digital textile printing 25 years ago and has since then helped to bring the technology to where it is today. In cooperation with main inkjet printer and printing belt manufacturers from all over the world, they offer the best possible solutions to print on textiles with digital technology. They have only one aim: to make sure that you, the digital textile printing customer, get the most state of the art and reliable ink jet printing system available in the world today. Only after making sure that the printer produces the best possible prints at state of the art speeds, a printer can carry our brand name. Just like in rotary screen printing, the Stork Prints name on a digital textile printer means top quality printing. Stork Prints is a global leading company in the textile and graphics printing market. Providing total system solutions: from screens, lacquers, inks and digital engraving to a broad range of rotary screen and digital printing systems. Being the expert in electroforming this not only entails highly reliable rotary screen technology but also an extensive program of precision metal products. Through continuous innovation and a powerful distribution network Stork Prints adds significant value to its customer’s processes and products. With rotary screen-printing any textile printing solution is possible. Just imagine it and we’d be happy to brainstorm with you and deliver the right screens and printing systems to create the desired result. Add power to your fabrics using a large scale of coating possibilities and special effects. Stork Prints underlines the total solution approach: high quality pre-press (incl. Direct laser engraving), innovative consumable concepts and highly reliable printing systems. In addition, the choice for inks can only be Stork Prints. No other ink on the planet guarantees unattended printing. No other ink causes less nozzle blockages or print head failures. And Stork Prints' ink prices are as competitive as you want them to be. Runability is the key requirement. Color gamut of course also, but you know that this is a basic condition for an ink in the first place. Stork Prints, the inventors of digital textile printing, will prove to you why they are still recognized as the number one in textile printing, whether it is in rotary screen or in digital.

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