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In this section of the Yarn Prices website, we provide links to various resources to help you learn more about the pricing and pricing methods of yarns.

The International Trade Centre at CottonGuide.org has put the yarn pricing situation into very good context.  They have indicated, "There are no futures contracts in cotton yarn, and so no public trading data are available, and most companies are loath to divulge their private financial results. Further, the range of yarn types and qualities is much greater than the range of qualities for cotton, making it more difficult to determine average yarn price levels. For instance, there are yarns for weaving and knitting, carded yarns and combed yarns, singles and doubles, ring spun yarns, open end yarns, air-jet spinning and other types as well as weights. Therefore, information about yarn prices is gleaned from trade publications based on word-of-mouth reports from the sales yarn industry. In many markets, less than half of cotton yarn  production is sold as yarn. Instead, much yarn produced around the world is first woven or knitted into cloth by the same company before being sold. Thus data on yarn prices are difficult to estimate, and ranges are often published by major textile industry magazines and trade journals."  You can read more about Yarn Pricing from Cotton Guide at their Prices of Cotton Yarn article at http://www.cottonguide.org/the-world-cotton-market/cotton-prices/prices-of-cotton-yarn.

Here are the Yarn Price Links that we thought would be of interest to you:

TXC India Cotton Yarn Prices / Prices of Raw Cotton (Office of the Textile Commissioner - India)

Yarn Prices - Emerging Textiles 

Cotton Yarn Prices - Alibaba 

Cotton Yarn Market India : Classic Soft-Tech is an IT consultancy firm focusing with its services to medium and semi large companies and institutions. Classic Soft-Tech is a fully citizen owned company. The company was established in 1990. They have developed a number of software applications and several web sites.  They would like that India will become No1 in world in cotton industries.  They like join biotechnology with Information technology.  They want record each process seed from finished goods. They want to say to world importance of organic cotton and natural cotton.  They would like have to start cotton information center and big network in all over India.  They want create common platform for cotton industries and related business.

Yarn Pricing Movement Rate - India

You may also want to read the Pricing Yarns 101 blog post from Liberty's Yarn.

If you know of any other yarn price resources, please let us know.  We would very much like to review your suggestions for possible inclusion in this yarn pricing guide.

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