Are they shorts or skirts?  Skorts are a pair of shorts with a flap across the front (and sometimes also the back) to give the appearance of a skirt. Or short pant legs with a same length or longer skirt sewn over the top.

Black Skort

The word skort is a linguistic blend of words.  It is a portmanteau word in which parts of two words are combined.  If you have not already guessed it, the two words are "Shorts" and "Skirts".  Yes, if you merge the two, we have the word "Skorts".  By the way, this is obviously the plural use of the words.  The singular would be "skort".

Fitness skorts - great for tennis, golf, etc. Look for fabrics with good wicking and stretch.  A skort is perfect for spinning, yoga, and other sweaty workouts.

Tennis SkortGrey Tennis Skort

Fashion skorts - trendy and stylish so you look great for any occasion. Find solid fashion colors, floral prints, embroidery, and much more.  Skorts come in a wide variety of styles, lengths, fabrics, and with various embellishments.

Skort Fashion

Skorts Fashion Back

Adventure skorts - ready for an outdoor excursion.  Maybe you need some cargo pockets and rugged fabrics.  Great for hikes, camping, or any other adventure life brings your way.  Think about zipper pockets so you don't lose anything important on your walk.

Adventure Skorts

Shop at retailers such as Nordstrom, REI, Timberland, Nike, etc.

A stylish new skort with pockets is perfect for outdoor adventures, offering performance and versatility from backcountry trails to a backyard barbecue.

Are skorts the same as culottes?  No, not exactly.  Some culottes are but others are not.  While some garments sold as culottes resemble short trousers, to be a skort they need to look like skirts. They are distinguished from trousers or shorts by a fuller cut at the bottom (hem) than at the waist.

Skorts are popular in sports such as tennis, field hockey, golf and others.  They allow for the appearance of a skirt but offers the freedom of not having ones private parts becoming fully exposed.

Skorts Shorts Under Skirts

Here are a few features to consider if you are in the market for this type of clothing.

Shorts that are skirts are different than short skirts.

If you enjoy the combining of two words to make a new word, you may also appreciate the fashion term shackets.

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