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A stripe is a long narrow band or strip, typically of the same width throughout its length.  However, they can have varying lengths, widths, and colors.  Stripes can be vertical, horizontal, and be designed in other angles and directions as well.


A shirt is a cloth garment for the upper body.  Shirts come in many different shapes, styles, colors, and sizes.

What are striped shirts?

Shirts with striped patterns.  The stripes can be in various colors, widths, and lengths.  The length, width and direction of the stripe on the shirt can vary depending on the wishes of the fashion designer.  However, the particular method of manufacturing may create limitations to the design.

Fabric can be made with stripes by using various methods.  Yarn dyed stripes and printed stripes are common options.   The yarn dyed version allows the fabric mill to weave the fabric with different color yarns.  Yarn dyed means that the individual threads that form the weave of the fabric were dyed before weaving, as opposed to after.  By doing this, the textile mill can create different effects (different appearances) such as stripes.  Printing stripes onto fabric is also possible.  Printed stripes can be put onto woven or knit fabrics.  When printing stripes on fabric, the designer has more flexibility in regard to length & width of the stripes. An individual stripe can actually vary in width from the top portion of the stripe to the bottom if they wish.

Women's Striped Shirts

Some shirts will match stripes between different panels of the garment.  For example, an expensive dress shirt may match the stripe between the chest panel, chest pocket, etc.  They may also try to line up the stripe when connecting the sleeve to the body of the shirt.  The process of matching the stripes perfectly is a more costly process.

Shirt Stripe Matching Pocket PanelShirt Strip Matching Sleeve Panel

Some stripes can be wavy by accident (errors in the production process) or they can be wavy on purpose if this was the designers intention. 

The stripe pattern style is often used on dress shirts for men and women.

Men's Striped Dress Shirt

Which way should the stripe go? 

Stripes can be vertical or horizontal.  It has been said that vertical stripes can make the wearer look a little thinner and horizontal stripes can possibly make the wearer look a bit larger.  This is obviously just a visual effect.  Sorry, wearing vertical stripes does not help you lose weight.  However, pick your stripes and your food wisely.

Is it true that people that love striped shirts don’t enjoy polka dots?

Stripes are effortlessly chic and stylish.  A good striped shirt is a classic wardrobe staple for every man & woman.

striped shirts

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