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Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM) Producing quality narrow woven fabrics since 1923, Bally Ribbon Mills has used innovation in design and manufacturing to become a highly respected leader in the woven narrow fabrics industry. Bally Ribbon, located in Bally, Pennsylvania , specializes in engineered woven narrow fabrics, specialty broadcloth and woven structures for medical, military , safety, industrial, aerospace, and commercial applications. Manufacturing capabilities include tapes, webbing, tubulars, broadcloth, multi-dimensional woven shapes, nylon, Nomex, Kevlar, polyester, Teflon, graphite, fiberglass, ceramic, Spectra, PBI/Kevlar, rayon and acrylic fibergroups.
  • Ribbon Manufacturer
  • Teflon Tapes
  • Polyester Tapes
  • Woven Polyester Tape

Elastix Australasia Pty Ltd : Head Office is located in Australia. Their Factory is in China. Their company was established in 1948 and currently employees over 3,000 . They design and produce over 15,000 accessories with narrow fabrics their primary focus and specialty including elastics: laces: tapes and webbings.  Their products are predominantly produced on Swiss: German and Italian machinery and they output quality goods . Whilst being extremely competitive in a global market sense their vision is to supply the mix equally of 3 key components of Quality:Service and Price to ensure repeat and long term business rather than the one-off sale. That is how they have managed to not only survive for close to 60 years but to experience huge growth in their specialised field.  They sell to manufacturers and distributors worldwide and also a large part of their sales are to the domestic market in Mainland China where they are based for manufacturing . With Western: European and Chinese Management they understand the requirements of all cultures and continually develop with technology advancements offerering customers fresh new styles and innovations.   For a full appreciation you can click on the link to their web site  where you will locate full contact details and product items that they can supply including many pictures of their production facility . They are ISO 9001 Certified and operate above and beyond international standards . If you are an interested agent or distributor they are currently seeking new distributors in many markets and you must forward your full details:experience and expression of interest directly to the General Manager Mr Jeremy Quittner
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- Jacquard Tapes -
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- Velvet Tapes ( stretch and non)
- Woven Polyester Tapes -
- Jacquarded Cord -
-Jacquarded Elastic -
- Furniture Elastic -
- Goggle elastic straps -
- Heavy Sling Webbing for lifting -
  • Manufacturer Item # 1:  narrow fabrics
  • Manufacturer Item # 2: TPU Elastic Reverie Tapes
  • Manufacturer Item # 3: lanyards
  • Manufacturer Item # 4: Elastics / webbings
  • Manufacturer Item # 5: cords
  • Manufacturer Item # 6: ribbons
  • Manufacturer Item # 7:  Tapes - cotton tape, satin tape, twill tape, velvet tape, gripper tape, polyester tape

  Euro (India) The company manufactures a variety of industrial tapes such as Seam tapes, PTFE tapes which are used for packing, wrapping, and gripping. Ribbons made of cotton, rayon, nylon, polyester, staple fibre, terelene, satin, velvets, zari etc. find wide application in garment industries.

  • Seam Tapes
  • Cotton Tapes
  • Rayon Tapes
  • Nylon Tapes
  • Polyester Tapes
  • Satin Tapes
  • Velvet Tapes
  • Gripping Tapes / Gripper

  John R. Sweet Co:  Kevlartape is made with aramid fabrics woven from DuPont Kevlar 49
yarn. It is approximately 5 oz/yd, 17 x 17 construction using 1140 denier yarn, thickness approximately 9 mils, 50-yd rolls. It is the same construction as style 281 broad goods. This tape is used in the same way as fiberglass but it is lighter and has much greater toughness.  They carry bias tape in glass, polyester, and aramid fibers. The bias materials are stronger for a given weight because all of the fibers cross the seam line. They also conform around curves better. The glass tapes are extra heavy weight so just one layer makes a tough seam. The widths and weights listed are not precise; because of its construction, the width of any bias tape can be adjusted somewhat as it is laid up. Less-than-roll quantities are sold by the yard.
  • Kevlar Tape
  • Seam Tapes
  • Bias Tape
  • Polyester Tapes

  Xiamen Especial Industrial Company LTD. : is a sales company of Cheng Hsing Corp. in mainland China. Cheng Hsing Corp. was established by Mr .Rongshu Xu in 1970in Taiwan. The Corp. is a manufacturer with more than 30 years experienced in producing ribbons. She enjoys good reputation of 'satin ribbon in this particular line of business. Since 1996.Cheng Hsing Corp. has invested more than US$15,000,000 in mainland China. Having an area of 60,000 square meters with modern stander plants, the daily output of the factory is over 5,000,000 yards.

  • Bows Manufacturer
  • Satin Ribbon Manufacturer
  • Nylon Ribbon Manufacturer
  • Velvet Ribbon Manufacturer
  • Polyester Ribbon Manufacturer

  Yuyao Warp&Weft Tape Weaving Co., Ltd. (China) : the former Yuyao Tape Weaving Mill, is a professional dyeing and weaving enterprise located in an area amid Ningbo and Hangzhou. Established in 1998,its occupying area is 13000 square meters and its construction area is 5000 square meters.  Employing over 200 clerks including 20 technicians, it is equipped with workshops of dyeing, finishing, weaving , seaming and packaging.  They manufacturer polyester belts and cotton belts.

  • Manufacturer of Belts
  • Manufacturer of Tapes (cotton & polyester)

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