3LAB Serum Rejuvenates Skin : Beauty Serum Available at Barneys
Beauty Article Posted April 25, 2009


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A powerful age-delay serum that preserves the life of healthy skin cells while reducing the signs of past environmental damage. This breakthrough formula uses plant-derived stem cells, a bio-engineered growth hormone and DNA-repairing molecules to fight aging on a multi-dimensional level for firmer, brighter skin with improved hydration levels and less wrinkles. 35ml. Exclusively at Barneys!  Barneys style #: 500107717

3lab has additional items for sale at Barneys.  For example, you can find the following:

Perfect C Serum  :  A unique patented delivery system for the highest efficacy. Perfect C Serum lifts skin while reducing wrinkles as collagen is increased and improves skin's ability to protect itself with powerful antioxidants.  Barneys style #: 192215010

H Serum :  Containing the world's first bio engineered patent pending formula, human Oligopeptide p-9 growth hormone, "h" serum reawakes dormant skin cells and brings the skin of your youth back to life. It tones, firms, and lifts the skin while discouraging pigmentation. Barneys style #: 192215015

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