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ENKVegas Kicks Off to Great Response From Fashion Buyers and Exhibitors
Fashion Event Article Posted August 27, 2008


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New Premium and Advanced Men's and Women's Event Runs August 25-27 in the Bassano Ballroom at the Venetian Hotel

In response to the growing demand for a tightly merchandised Las Vegas-based event featuring premium and advanced product for men and women, ENKVegas made its rousing debut.  Featuring nearly 70 highly coveted exhibitors, the show runs from August 25-27 and is located in the Bassano Ballroom complex at the Venetian hotel.

We know the quality of our exhibitors is superior, and now we are seeing that same level of retailer at ENKVegas, said Elyse Kroll, Chairman of ENK International.  It's very exciting.  We've created an intimate environment perfectly suited for writing business, and from the response we are receiving, it looks like ENKVegas is a homerun.

ENKVegas is the latest upscale fashion trade show from ENK International, which has built its incredible reputation throughout the industry on identifying and presenting business-driven events of impeccable quality and taste.  ENKVegas is a powerful Las Vegas-based alternative for both longtime exhibitors who show at ENK's New York exhibitions as well as for those who need a West Coast forum to showcase their collections to a new set of buyers.

We've been showing at Blue in New York for the past two years and it's always been great, says Marina Lelchuk of Buckler.  Unlike other Vegas shows where the environment is too rushed and overwhelming, this show actually provides a much calmer, intimate setting. It's much easier for buyers to work the appointments. They are actually writing orders instead of just previewing. We had great appointments with Saks, Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom.

ENKVegas is the answer retailers were looking for in Vegas, says Rick Speilberg of Hudson Jeans.  Retailers have been here since the show opened and there is only good happening here  no bad or ugly. We are thrilled and, speaking on behalf of us all participating in a debut, ENKVegas is a solution.

We are so pleased with the appearance, sincerity and ease of this show, says Kate Levis of Hatch Showroom. 
It's refreshing as exhibitors, and we have also heard from our buyers how nice it is to participate in a show that is about the merchandise and not the 'show. The ENKVegas show is a fresh and elegant exhibit.  We are happy to be a part of it, and share the experience with our buyers. The ENK team has been so gracious and made the set-up and execution of the show seamless.

Buyers from high-end retailers and better independent boutiques, including Frasier Ross of Kitson, Ron Herman and Mario Bisio of Mario's crowded the aisles to shop the upscale contemporary brands at ENKVegas.  We had no idea of what to expect, but We've had great success so far, says Lori Lindsay of Cheap Monday.  All of my appointments showed up, I picked up several new clients, and reconnected with buyers I haven't seen in a long time!

Our experience at ENKVegas allowed us to work in a more intimate way with our accounts, says Scott Allgauer of Rag & Bone. The venue, ambiance and attention to detail were in keeping with the Rag & Bone aesthetic.  Our accounts appreciated the private yet approachable vibe of the show.

Despite a less-than-ideal industry climate, ENKVegas has succeeded with the perfect recipe of quality over quantity, intimacy over size and scope, and an environment conducive to business getting written.  It is rare when exhibitors and buyers come together to agree on a collective response to a trade show but it appears with ENKVegas, they have.

Initially, we were concerned that our clients wouldn't want to see yet another show, but so far We've seen tremendous traffic, says Crystal Green Aignan of J Brand.  The show has been very well produced.  The energy is relaxed and seductive to the client, and We've seen terrific results.  We will definitely be back!

 A complete list of exhibitors is as follows:

  • 24Standard    
  • Jet by John Eshaya
  • Linea Pelle Collection
  • Aude
  • Buckler
  • Moss Mills
  • Cacharel
  • Mr. Winter
  • Cassaves
  • The News Showroom
  • O Marche
  • Organico Showroom
  • Clu
  • Poles
  • Conference of Birds
  • Primp
  • CP Shades/Shirt
  • Derelicte Showroom
  • Disney Couture
  • Riller & Fount
  • S.A.M. Showroom
  • Enza Costa Rogue
  • Seneca Rising
  • Erik Hart
  • Findings Showroom
  • Service
  • Steven Alan
  • Hozell
  • Trove
  • Velvet
  • Velvetmen

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