Stella Bonds at Northern Virginia Fashion Week February 2009
Fashion Event Article Posted April 20, 2009


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Northern Virginia Fashion Week February 2009

Stella Bonds


Stella Bonds is a talented new designer who specializes in creative and colorful men's shirts as well as incredible shoes for ladies. Her styles are funky, fun and different, with a touch of class and elegance. Stella is also the wardrobe designer for Photohispana Group, a large and fast growning group of proffesional photographers in the metro area. She creates fantasy dresses just for shooting and dressing models accordingly to the selected subject. A graduate of design programs in both the US and Europe, Stella Bonds unifies old world craftmanship and elegance with new world style and sensibilities. Centered on men's sportswear and high-end women's shoes, the designer Stella, is a native of Bogota, Colombia, who blends her sensual and sophisticated South American roots with the vision and vitality of her experiences living in the US

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Northern Virginia Fashion Week located in Alexandria, Virginia presents some footage from their recent fashion week which took place at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, VA from Feb 23rd to Mar 1, 2009.

NOVA strives to enhance the fashion industry by showcasing new designers and seamstress, models and photographers, hair and makeup artists, families and fans, while paying homage to those who have paved the way and live for exquisite fashion. With an array of must have silhouettes and accessories, Northern Virginia Fashion Week examines the intricacies in styles and design while embracing and promoting individuality in this elite industry. A prestigious fashion event with international designers, NOVA Fashion Week is a platform to an industry with endless potential that creates greater local economic opportunities.

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