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1960's a decade important to fashion... When thinking about the history of fashion, it is certainly important to remember the 60's.  The world was full of hippies, yippies, and also a hand full of fashion icons.  The world of fashion was introduced to several new styles and fashionable concepts.  The decade started as if it would be another classic, but quickly went down an interesting road as the hippie clothing hit the scene.

1960's Fashion History : The 1960s featured a number of diverse trends. It was a decade that broke many fashion traditions, mirroring social movements during the period. In the middle of the decade, culottes, box-shaped PVC dresses and go-go boots were in style. The widely popular bikini came into fashion in 1963 after being featured in the musical Beach Party.  In the early to mid 60's, Bell-bottomed trousers were a new alternative. By 1969, the androgynous hippie look was in style. Both sexes wore frayed bell-bottomed jeans, tie-dyed shirts, workshirts, and headbands. Wearing sandals was also part of the hippie look for both sexes. Women would often go barefoot, and some even opted to go braless.

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Learn about Tie-dye.  In the 1960's their was plenty of tie-dye apparel.

The 1960's fashion page would not be complete without including an image of the great, John Lennon.  Here is an illustration of fashion worn by an icon of several decades.

This photo of John Lennon was taken as John rehearses "Give Peace A Chance".  The image was taken by Roy Kerwood.

Well, in this image John is in his pajamas.  Not very fashionable.  However, it shows the relaxed mood of the 1960's and how the mood effected fashion of the era.

We should all "Give Peace A Chance".


The 1960s was probably the first decade to see men's fashion really diverted from its classic roots.  The suit and tie was no longer the staple garments of choice.  Men's fashion in the 60's opened the door for many new fashionable freedoms for men.  For women, the early 60's was similar to the 50's.  However, as the decade moved on conservative clothing was going out the window.  Women's fashion in the 1960's had taken on a sense of experimentation and risk taking.  One of the largest impacts on 1960's fashion for women, was the introduction of the mini skirt. 

From tie-dyes and bell bottoms, to mini skirts, a major influence on today's styles is 60's fashion. The 60s are known as one of the most fashion conscious times in history. Styles that began in the 1960s are still seen in the fashions of today.

A subgroup of the 1960 culture was the hippies. This group rebelled against the war, promoted peace, love, and made a huge fashion statement. They opted for fashions that were natural and comfortable. Seen in tie-dyes, free-flowing skirts and beads, the hippies' psychedelic style was as unique as their personalities. They often wore flowers in their hair and painted their face or bodies with peace symbols or other meaningful designs.

By the way, women's fashion in the 60's was contained the introduction of the seamless pantyhose.  Pantyhose helped avoid seeing the tops of stockings when wearing mini skirts (also introduced as part of 1960's women's fashion).

In addition to the new found freedom of mini skirts, tie-dye t-shirts, bell bottom jeans, the 1960's was also an important era for classic fashion.  The reason being, the fashion icon Jacqueline Kennedy.

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The 1960s were a time of transition in nearly every aspect of American life, and the world of fashion was no exception.  The 60's was an era of interesting style to say the least.

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